Wow. Just wow.

The day after Terry Murray tells us that he is going to try Ponikarovsky on the first line in search of the mystical click, he changes his mind and scratches Poni. Just when I thought this insanity with the line changes reached new heights, I got this fresh dose of crazy. Meanwhile, Kevin Westgarth, who brings nothing and is consistently the achilles heel of our fourth line, remains in the game…because he cannot skate, has no offense, no defense but, hell, he may get into a scrap or two. It’s part of Murray’s new “if you can’t beat them, have them beaten” mantra that replaced “win and you’re in.”

But hey, I am happy for Loktionov. He shouldn’t get too comfortable on that first line though. Remember, Terry wants instantaneous chemistry. If Lokti, Kopitar and Brown do not achieve that by the third shift and look like they have been playing with each other for three consecutive seasons, then the first line is a failure and Lokti is moving on down or being sent back to Manchester. Our coach is looking for the boom and the click, none of this slow simmer crap.

Guess what? No, not chicken butt. Sturm went to I.R. I know, I know, you’re shocked. Me too. Actually, I am not. I predicted it (pretty sure Surly owes me a beer). Two major knee surgeries in three years. Yeah. You could have set your watch to this one. I hear Dean is searching hard for that next often injured winger to go on I.R. May get him before the deadline.

Good times.

I will be at the game tonight. I will not be cheering because I have completely lost my voice. I will substitute the voice for various articulate gestures.

Let’s get a win tonight. For the love of God, anything for a victory.