Oh happy day.  So far.

Andrei Loktionov, one of my personal favorite prospects possessed by the Kings (even moreso than Brayden Schenn… put that in your Canadian pipes and smoke it!), is back in Los Angeles and scheduled to play alongside Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes.  While I’m under no delusions that calling up the great and powerful Loki will be any sort of instant panacea to our ailments, I am highly excited to watch the aptly nicknamed “Jimmy Neutron – Boy Genius” in action once again.

Returning to the lineup as well is Wayne Simmonds after missing two games.  Coming out of the lineup are Alexei Ponikarovsky (as a healthy scratch) and Marco Sturm (back to the IR with knee tendinitis – whoop).  Going nowhere, Ryan Smyth and… Kevin Westgarth.  MmmmK.  To be honest, Westgarth is the least of our concerns.

The lineup shifts as follows:





And oh thank the fucking heavens, the defense pairings are back to:




Does this lineup remind you of anything?  It should, this is almost identical to the lineup that went 12-3-0 to start the season.  Will the fact that the personnel on paper aligns closely with that formerly dominant team mean dominance now?  Not bloody likely, but its nice to hope.  I do think having the influx of a hungry, and more importantly very positive, young kid like Loki, looking to make the most of opportunity numero dos to stick with the big club, will have a good ripple effect on the team at large.  Positive excitement is just what a team slipping into the doldrums needs, and whether you agree with Coach Murray’s game plan or not, one thing I think we can agree on across the board is that his ability to feel and convey excitement is about on par with a drug addled teenager working as a greeter for Wal-Mart.

Still, the game is played with a puck and not with smiles.

Fight through the pain and say it with me,


Fuck Phoenix and everything about Phoenix and fuck undomesticated rabid dogs too.


Fuck this losing streak and fuck complacent hockey.


Fuck us and our rational senses that would divert our belief away from this team!


One more time dammit,


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  1. Let’s hope the kid has a great game, notches a point (or two…dare we hope :D) and the team somehow ekes out a win tonight. Then perhaps our juggling act can come to a conclusion…for awhile anyway!

  2. I don’t care who they call up. I don’t care what lines they play. I unlike the rest of you don’t want to see Pavel Brown dangling the Puck down center ice. This is what I want to see:
    23 yes 23 fire breathing dragons out there tonight.
    All the A’s and C’s removed from the jerseys.
    Names removed from the back of the Jerseys.
    Players given randomly generated numbers 1to20.
    The goalie that starts is the one that wins a pre game pugilist match.
    Murray fucking arguing with the opposing coach for no reason.
    Murray high fiving players with a fervour.
    Murray giving it to officials even on good calls.
    Players playing whatever system that brings pain onto the opposition.
    Helmet stickers given for each great play made.
    Coyotes getting pounded as soon as they touch the Puck.
    A bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

    Fuck it I will not so go Kings I will say
    better yet I will say
    see you after the game.

  3. Lokti will be on the 4rth line or in Manchester by Saturday. He’s out of position, unfamiliar, playing at a higher level, and expected to produce instantly. If he’s still here and on the 1rst line by Saturday I’ll be blown away. Can’t wait to see him though.

  4. No worries my fellow diehards. My daughter and I will br present tonight. What’s that mean? That means the Kings’ don’t fucking lose when we attend together. So be prepared for some solid, no, excellent hockey.

    We will dominate.

    Go Kings Go!

    Loki will produce 2 points tonight on the PP

    Go Kings Go!

    TM will miss the game due to the flu. :)

    Go Kings Go!

    What? You don’t like undomesticated rabid dogs? Call of the Wild or Old Yeller, anyone? Ok fuck the dogs.

    Go Kings Go!

    See you all tonight my friends.

    Go Kings Go!

  5. Yes, indeed, JDM, no anxiety attacks tonight! No paper bags needed.

    I tried to get tickets in your neighborhood the 100’s but I was slow on the draw. So, we’ll be sitting in section 219.

  6. I could sure use that Surly&Scribe t-shirt right about now…..get on it, boys!

    I don’t usually sit that close, but the tickets were only $15 apiece. Couldn’t pass it up. My home use to be 307. I’m still true! :)

    • I agree about the shirts!

      And hopefully tonight is the night we get this ship turned around towards the playoffs!

      GO KINGS!!

  7. Latte..Latte…welcome back!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. Finally now there showing some fight in their bodies with 6 to go in the second.

  9. two good shifts in the first period and silent thereafter.

  10. Man! when it rains it pours. I thought they looked good. Terrible results but comparitively speaking they looked good. Pheonix is sucking lately and the Kings exposed them. I haven’t said this too often lately but they got lucky.

  11. Technically, Loki was not called up from Manchester. It appears that LA reassigned him to the Reign 1/19 and then called him up from the ECHL.

    Does anyone know why they would do this?

    Is it a way to pay him only minor league salary (and avoid NHL per diems, pay, and cap space) for the day he travels to L.A. and the days before he’s actually called up from the minors?

    This is of no real importance, I’m just curious.



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