Here is the Lombardi quote regarding the Coyotes’ 1st and eventual game winning goal that went off Martin Hanzal’s stick while above the cross bar.

“When the guy in Toronto making the decisions on the goals, in Ottawa and the one tonight, wanted the G.M.’s job in L.A. and was not happy about not getting it, you have to assume you are going to get those type of calls. However, we have put ourselves in a position where these calls have a monumental effect on our season, and we’re going to have to find a way out of it ourselves.”

Yikes. That “guy” for those who are curious is Mike Murphy, current NHL senior VP of Hockey Operations. This is the same Mike Murphy who played for the Kings of course. I have a feeling Lombardi’s pockets may be lighter within the next few days after that comment but I doubt he cares. He clearly believe Murphy holds a grudge against the team, is a jilted little bitch, and is willing to compromise his integrity to screw the team. There is nothing implied here. Dean is being quite express.

Murray also had something to say on the topic but I am quite tired of writing about him. I do have a question though. Setting Terry Murray aside for a moment, how does someone like Jamie Kompon, whose incompetence in assembling the powerplay is nothing short of comedy, still have a job? Is it really that difficult to see that your go to shooters on the powerplay should be Kopitar, Doughty and Johnson and not Jarret Stoll? He has relegated Drew into a role player on the powerplay and Kopitar into the playmaker. These two plus Johnson are the three best shots (read: hard, accurate) on the team, while Stoll sends over 50% of his high or wide. Remove head from ass Jamie. That loud popping sound you hear on the way out precedes your brain receiving oxygen.

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  1. I’m really not one to jump on conspiracy theories that quickly and stuff like that but this was an obvious OBVIOUS no goal. It really doesn’t get more obvious than that and I remembered a previous obvious call going against the Kings earlier in the season. There is a legitamate complaint here.

    Other than that I watched the game very close tonight to getting a sense of this horrible system. You know what I saw, SULKING missed on a couple of opportunities SULKING call didn’t go our way SULKING. So no matter what you blame the losses on this team has a LOSERS MENTALITY. No matter what system they will play they still carry the LOSERS MENTALITY. They showed some anger and fight towards the end of the second but went back to the LOSERS MENTALITY pretty quickly. Watch a game on versus some time and see what a hungry team with a WINNERS MENTALITY looks like. Ill see y’all later alligators.

  2. the team played well tonight, which is to say they played better than they had. Many times, they rebelled against the system but as soon as we got the PP, it was the same dump, cycle, lose the puck.

    • Man I was really depending on you to be the one smart cool dude that’s not flocking with the herd but the longer you stay on this witch hunt the dumber you sound snap out of it already. There saying this same dumb bullshit over at insider. THERES MORE GOING ON THAN THE FUCKING SYSTEM. FUCKING GODDAMIT.

      • I call it as I see it brother. The Kings played well (funny thing to say I suppose when you score ZERO goals) at times. I don’t think that can be reasonably denied. But when you watch the PP set up, you see the flaw in design. It goes to last season. I have been talking about that for 2 seasons now.

        • All I have to say is this. You can get Scotty Bowman to coach this team and implement whatever system/formula that got them the cup and I will guarantee that they still wont win. Why? Because they’re losers. In their own mind they are losers and every little thing that goes against them points to that fact. Until they can shake those beleifs and get some fire in their gut they will not win. Period.

          • Maybe. I doubt it though. I find the simplest answers are the correct ones. Am I supposed to believe 23 players suck or that 1 coach cannot get the best out of them? 23 players don’t suck. Look at Phoenix’s line up. They have 1/2 the talent we do, except in goal. Yet, they are consistently near the top and making the playoffs IMMEDIATELY after a coaching change wherein they brought one of the best in the league and he is doing it with LESS TALENT than Gretzky had. Simple answers cv. It’s the coaching

          • No reason you can’t both be right…The coach’s system and his refusal to adapt it have lead to locker room dissention and frustration that manifests itself in the performaces we see.

            Change the system (or the coach) and the players will get more freedom on the ice, more freedom on the ice will mean a better locker room, a better locker room will mean better performance. It’s a flywheel; we just need to reverse the direction and get it working in our favor.

  3. When I read DL’s comment the first thing I thought was “there’s a fine”. I like his spirit though. Wish he’d use it on the coaching staff. He did say however, and refference that, that call shouldn’t matter if we weren’t where we are. but its never been clear where he believes the problem with the team lies. Players or coaches? Is it how he built the team? I hope he’s clear when he starts trying to find answers to break out of this situation.

  4. That play deflated the team. It sure pissed me off! I’m glad DL called them out. Everyone knows it’s a bad goal except the guys reviewing it. TM’s quote is spot on. You got a guy whose 6’3″ batting at a puck in the air and somehow the guy’s stick is hitting the puck at that same elevation but somehow is below the 4′ high crossbar?

  5. The Kings played well last night. A lot of shots, none of them went in. Bryzgalov played well.
    That bad call hurt.

    Objectively speaking–not easy to do at this point–the biggest problem on the team is offense. There are skilled players on this team, but you cannot go 0 for 6 on the powerplay and expect to win. The “system” from the coaches is not working. I also question basic things, like you point out above–taking all of these slapshots that go wide. Seems like there would be a greater percentage if a lot of times, the puck was just thrown at the net.

    Is Kompon responsible for this “system”. I really don’t know. But this needs to be revised if the season is going to be salvaged…

  6. LOL. If Mike Murphy didn’t have a grudge against us before, he certainly does now!

    Anyway, the call on the ice and in the video review was total bullshit. The highstick was obvious. But the fact remains that the Kings did not find a way to win, or even score for that matter. They played better than they have for a few games, but not good enough. The power play is a glaring deficiency right now. We should be able to convert 1 or 2 goals off 6 power plays.

  7. In a funny way it’s good to hear DL say this. He is feeling the frustration, and pressure. He later said he was sorry. The two things I see are 1) The power play ; we get all of our shots from the point and they either get blocked or they are not on target. 2) We never carry the puck in. When we do get into the zone we act like their is a shot clock like basketball. Watch Detroit and Vancouver they are very patient and usually dont take shots early unless they feel like there is a scoring chance.

  8. Even I didn’t realize our teams dire straights. Our team is surrounded by a mass of evil and the power of two was not strong enough to break through. The power of three is needed. You now, that show with three sisters making potions to fight demons. Let me jolt your memory-Allysa Milano. Yes, she’s a big hockey fan and I’m on a mission to convince her my daughter and I need her presence at the next game to combine the power of three…. preferably sitting right next to me, of course. If this doesn’t work, I have nothing.

    Speaking of evil, what was the explanation regarding the “high stick” goal. I was sitting right there with a perfect view and I can tell you his blade was above the crossbar. Question: From my view the blade was without question above the bar, but It looked like he hit it with the shaft of the stick witch was right at the level of the crossbar, does that matter or is it a high stick no matter what? Also, it looked like Greene could have knocked in in as well. Did he? I didn’t record to look at later.

    The boys played a descent game I thought. Good enough to win anyway. I’m only going to rant about one thing. On TV when the Kings shoot and miss I can’t really see the path of the puck, only the noise of the glass. I was lucky last night to be in position to watch two periods of King shots….good god almighty they suck. I kid you not, more than one was 5 feet wide. When I say 5 feet wide, they weren’t the miss on purpose type , they just missed wiiiiiiidddddddddeeeeeeeeee. Other than that we had a great time and met some great fans.


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