Is it just me, or do Boston Bruin fans tend to be unruly, vile and just fun in general to scream back and forth with during a hockey game?

I always seem to come away with interesting memories, hostile though generally fond, when the Bruins assault Los Angeles with their drunken degenerates.  A friend of mine loathes Brian Rolston to this day with every fiber of his being purely due to a game long interaction with a Bruin fan at a game years ago, back when the now overage and overpaid winger used to play in Bean town.

I have nothing to say about the game, except that I feel its going to be a fun one with an unusually high intensity level.  That’s just what my gut tells me.  Then again, it is also told me the Spaghetti Bolognes was a good idea for lunch today, so perhaps we should disregard all further unwelcome opinions from my insides, which are now my outsides.

Time for a LONG overdue winning streak to start.

Be loud Kings fans.


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  1. I’m not so optimistic. I fear we’re going to have to chip in to help Dean pay another fine when somebody gets a game misconduct for teasing Gregory Campbell.

    Will Marcus Vinnerborg remember he’s not officiating in the SEL and let the play get physical? The prospect of some Brown on Chara collisions is appealing. Then again, maybe a few quick whistles will keep Westgarth’s nose on the mend rather than completely shattered by a Lucic sucker punch.


  2. There’s a fan on lakingsinsider.com puck73 who’s got an extra ticket for the game tonight. Short notice but someone could catch a free game.

  3. Good win Kings!

    Send the Pooh Bears packing!


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