Is it just me, or do Boston Bruin fans tend to be unruly, vile and just fun in general to scream back and forth with during a hockey game?

I always seem to come away with interesting memories, hostile though generally fond, when the Bruins assault Los Angeles with their drunken degenerates.  A friend of mine loathes Brian Rolston to this day with every fiber of his being purely due to a game long interaction with a Bruin fan at a game years ago, back when the now overage and overpaid winger used to play in Bean town.

I have nothing to say about the game, except that I feel its going to be a fun one with an unusually high intensity level.  That’s just what my gut tells me.  Then again, it is also told me the Spaghetti Bolognes was a good idea for lunch today, so perhaps we should disregard all further unwelcome opinions from my insides, which are now my outsides.

Time for a LONG overdue winning streak to start.

Be loud Kings fans.