Ever seen a round, ripe, red and ready apple on a tree? I have and it’s not a sin to partake. That’s why it’s there. The Ottawa Senators look ripe. They are ready for a rebuild and their season is, for the most part, over. Don’t be surprised to see Bryan Murray (Terry’s brother) step down or move into a different position. Enough about the Senators. This is about us. Is Dean picking some Canadian fruit from Ontario?

With the Kings looking for scoring or additional depth on defense, Dean Lombardi has the following potential targets: Alex Kovalev (I hear you, I agree, no thank you), Sergei Gonchar (offense from defense but a 3 year, $16.5 million dollar contract for a 36 year old?), Chris Phillips (defensive depth, somehow I see him going to the Sharks), Jarkko Rutu (he’s a left wing, but he sucks), Mike Fisher (a fascinating option as a second line center but he is struggling this season which makes him attractive for a steal) and of course Daniel Alfredsson who at 38 years old (even with that contract) can still put up the numbers and is a super skilled right wing. For those thinking about Erik Karlsson…no way. 20 years old, a stud in the making. The fans would burn the arena to the ground. He is part of their future.

So, who do you like on that list? Me too. Only Mike Fisher and only if the price is right. Who do you trade for Fisher? We intend to do an article on him later this week. For now, let this percolate.