Ever seen a round, ripe, red and ready apple on a tree? I have and it’s not a sin to partake. That’s why it’s there. The Ottawa Senators look ripe. They are ready for a rebuild and their season is, for the most part, over. Don’t be surprised to see Bryan Murray (Terry’s brother) step down or move into a different position. Enough about the Senators. This is about us. Is Dean picking some Canadian fruit from Ontario?

With the Kings looking for scoring or additional depth on defense, Dean Lombardi has the following potential targets: Alex Kovalev (I hear you, I agree, no thank you), Sergei Gonchar (offense from defense but a 3 year, $16.5 million dollar contract for a 36 year old?), Chris Phillips (defensive depth, somehow I see him going to the Sharks), Jarkko Rutu (he’s a left wing, but he sucks), Mike Fisher (a fascinating option as a second line center but he is struggling this season which makes him attractive for a steal) and of course Daniel Alfredsson who at 38 years old (even with that contract) can still put up the numbers and is a super skilled right wing. For those thinking about Erik Karlsson…no way. 20 years old, a stud in the making. The fans would burn the arena to the ground. He is part of their future.

So, who do you like on that list? Me too. Only Mike Fisher and only if the price is right. Who do you trade for Fisher? We intend to do an article on him later this week. For now, let this percolate.

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  1. Can we have Spezza instead?

  2. I would be down for using Alfie as a rental if that were possible. Stoll might have something to say about the Kings needing a second line center, the way he has been playing the last 3-4 games.

  3. Most of these are dogs, some with fleas. I am not sure that any of them could make a meaningful contribution. I also think that Stoll is probably it for this year as the second line center. Could Fisher have an epiphany with a new team, maybe…

    • I agree with SteveS. Not too many guys that could take us over the top. Fisher maybe, but we don’t really need a strong 2 way center, even if he was hot this season. None of their left wingers really strike me as an upgrade either. Unless we we’re going to send an under achieving left winger the other way, I’d leave it alone. At least with the left wingers we have, we know what we’ve got. Even the converted ones.

  4. Hey Bobby, what do you use to vent about politics now days? I would love to hear your views on the State of the Union. I know you got an opinion on this.

    • Oh oh…resisting…resisting…I actually have been asked to start a political blog by friends, acquaintances and others. I just don’t know where I would find the time. So, no place to share thoughts and ideas right now. For now, I observe and listen much and speak little about the subject.

      • What part of this blog from either Scribe or Surly is political? What’s your point Mark? When it comes to Hockey, you don’t like “thought” with support? Because all I read is “ideas” with factual support, agreed with or not. What have you brought to the table?

  5. @Kingnation, all this talk about “Senators” got me thinking, sha-zing! I’ll be here all week.

    Besides, when I first met Bobby (went by Zad back then) he was quite the political, philosophical thinker. Just wanted HIS opinion on things, ya know?

  6. Ok Guys.. I just had a lightbulb thought.. first let me say I am not one who is constantly
    on the trade blogs.. do not play fantasy hockey.. and so would say not too in the loop on
    all the players ..who is up for RFA and UFA.. acutually I get confused on when we are allowed to trade and when we cannot.. seems like deadline or no deadline.. deals are always being made..
    That said.. was watching my secondary tean today and it hit me…
    You know who Mats Zuccarello is?… speedy dynamo..he is small.. listed as 5’7″ from Norway.. Left Wing.. left shot..
    he was not drafted..signed with NY to a 2 year free agent entry level contract..
    this kid may not be big but his heart is.. against Washington Monday nt.. taking Ovechkin into the boards! Has great hands and feet.. and mad puck handling .. called up about a month ago.. being used and scoring in the Shoot Outs..
    I could see him and Kopi together.. :-))

    • Kids, this is why you stay away from the espresso with a double shot of Red Bull late at night.

      • There were reports of Dean talking to Glen this week. But that was all about Gaborik. Neither will happen.

        Although, the Ranger’s ownership (Cablevision, a former employer of mine so I’m gonna say I know what I’m talking about here) is just crazy enough to do something that will make your head spin.

    • “I could see him and Kopitar together.” What, in the Land of Honalee?

      Together they would travel
      On a boat with billowed sail.
      Matsy kept a lookout
      Perched on Kopi’s gigantic tail…

      I want some of what this guy’s smoking.

      Long live “lightbulb thoughts”!

  7. If we get Fisher, then we get Underwood. She, alone, ought to be enough of a spark to get us over the hump, eh?

  8. I still like the idea of Penner skating with Kopi and Williams. Now that has the possibilities of looking like a true 1st line.

    That means one of Zues or Stoll would have to move. You can argue a case for either and be correct, but I would keep Stoll. He better fits my personality for one. He’s also a better skater, can be effective with the physical game, is a face-off machine, would fit the third line roll perfectly for the remaining part of his contract, and if he spent quality time this summer fine tuning, ok, maybe major tuning the accuracy of his point shot he could be even more valuable on special teams. My goal is to watch Stoll the next handful of game, specifically, his defense. I want to add to my list he plays solid defense as well, but I want to watch closely before making that statement.

    So, moving forward, down the middle I’d have Kopi, Lokti, Stoll and Lewis. In my view we need a LW more so than a center. Just a personal thought of mine, Lokti will be fighting Kopi for 1st line center in the next couple years. Not that it matters but don’t be surprised. Also, I’m really liking Lewis’ game. I feel it’s only a matter of time before he starts putting up some respectable offensive numbers. He’s doing everything right. So, for me Penner over Fisher.

    Now that I look at it, I don’t think I like Williams on the first line only because I don’t like the looks of the 2nd. So, maybe something like this:

    A lot of interchangeable parts and flexibility here. I like the options available.

    Bottom six consisting of:
    Bottom six also provide a lot of flexibility.

    I would be happy skating this group of men.

    Trading Zues would offset the $, but as far as who we would have to move back to the Oilers, I don’t know. That’s not my gig. I don’t know enough about our prospects to make that kind of call. I’ll leave my hat out of that ring.


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