From the Fourth Period:

Former Anaheim Ducks prospect Jason Bailey alleges he was a victim of numerous anti-Semitic attacks by coaches of the team’s farm club, according to a lawsuit filed in California on Tuesday.

Bailey, 23, claims that while he was a member of the Bakersfield (Calif.) Condors of the ECHL from 2007 through 2009 he was targeted because of his Jewish faith by head coach Marty Raymond and then-assistant coach Mark Pederson. The complaint obtained by FanHouse alleged many graphic examples.

The lawsuit — which was filed a few miles away from the Ducks’ home arena in Santa Ana, Calif. — claims Raymond said Jews “only care about money and who’s who” and he didn’t want his son, whose mother is Jewish, “to be raised Jewish or to wear a Yarmulke.” Pederson, a former NHL player who was not brought back to the Condors after the 2008-09 season for budgetary reasons, was allegedly even more forceful.

I read this article twice waiting for some Corey Perry reference.

What happened to Jason Bailey is a reflection that hatred has no limitation in industry. After all, we are talking about a team formerly owned by Disney…you know, Walt Disney…Jesus, do I have to spell this out?

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