As I walked into the arena and to my seats in section 119, I saw a Sharks’ fan with a shirt that read, “2006. One Goal” with a picture of the Stanley Cup. I smiled. It reminded me of this…

San Jose Sharks’ fans are amusing. Some carry themselves like they have won the Cup for three consecutive seasons. Their fans of a masculine gender vacillate between a Prozac overdose and a case of the stupids. Their women range from haven’t been laid for a solid decade to a hot dog down the hallway. It’s irrelevant. We won. We needed this win more than I can put into words. A loss would have meant horror. A win, Terry Murray’s favorite word for the offensive system, hope.

Ryan Smyth started the scoring by doing something sorely missing from the Kings’ offensive attack…keeping the puck and going to the middle. If I saw one more failed dump and chase, I would have screamed. I did scream. I would have screamed again. Good things happen between the dots and above the hashmarks. Captain Canada showed a sellout crowd exactly what that is – a damn goal, one that gave the Kings a 1-0 lead. Unfortunately, a few minutes later, Jonathan Quick offered one up to Ryane Clowe that Quickie may want back. Those wrist shots from at or near the top of the circle are stoppable. So are the ones on a harmless wrap around if you avoid losing the puck.

Does anyone else get a gray hair each time Jonathan Quick tries to make a pass behind his own goal? I got 3 tonight.

Fortunately, the Kings went on a relentless attack that paid off with just under six minutes left in the third period. Fresh out of the dog house, Alexei Ponikarovsky tied the game 2-2 though the only thing missing from his post goal celebration was a statute of the Virgin Mary.

I can hear you asking. “What about the 4 minute penalty kill, Bobby? That was huge, right?” I don’t know. I may have died during those 4 minutes.

The overtime also proved heart palpitating. Both teams had chances, the Kings more so than the Sharks. It was the second time I screamed out, “Niemi, you lucky piece of s***, did you even see that shot?” The hostility toward Antti referenced the puck’s willingness to hit him, even though, judging by his reaction, he didn’t have a clue where it was. The three leaf clover up his teal colored ass temporarily saved him in the shootout, as both Kopitar and Johnson hit the post. Niemi was lucky. Quick was good. Tonight, it was better to be good. Jarret Stoll upped the Antti and finished Niemi off with a wrist shot rocket. Jonathan Quick sealed it with his fourth save of the shootout, the final one against Patrick Marshmarleau.

This win…you already know. Good grief, did we need this win! We now have 55 points and are 1 point out of a three way tie for 7th, 8th and 9th in the conference.

It’s time to take this three game winning streak and turn it into a tear. Just win L.A. GO KINGS!

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  1. I don ‘t think that the All-Star break could come at a worse time for this team. They finally seem to be getting the slump turned around, only to be stopped cold for a meaningless game and a skills competition. Then they get to come back to an extended road trip, while the friendly confines of Staples are hosting the Oscars and the NBA’s meaningless All-Star game. This is hardly the way to climb back into the playoff picture.

  2. Your a serious idiot. Kings have got nothing. You haven’t won a cup in HOW long, and you have 1 Pacific title in 4+ years, sharks have 6 and been around 20 years?

    Yeah… Queens are a really good team. Douche.

  3. Jackass. Kings suck a fat one like you do.


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