So, I wasn’t crazy about the questions. The interviewer from ESPN was almost awkward in his approach but, hey, it’s our boy Clifford so it’s worth a look and listen. Enjoy.

Wasn’t Kyle Clifford’s eye contact cool? That is one confident kid.

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  1. You’re spot on about the interviewer, Bobby. Un-com-fort-a-ble. Yikes! Good to see The Colonel getting some well deserved attention though. Thanks for the post, and keep up the good work!.


  2. I thought it was a very good interview, I’m not entirely sure the interviewer knew what he wanted to ask Clifford about, other than the fight with Shawn Thornton the night before. It seemed like the typical interviewer who doesn’t understand why hockey players fight in the first place, and he’s going to try to discover the reason in one short interview with one player who fights. I thought it was great the way that Clifford wouldn’t be backed into a corner on who he wouldn’t fight, because “sometimes you gotta step up”. Naturally he doesn’t WANT to fight Boogaard or Scott, anymore than any of the rest of us want to get into a battle with someone who has that much size and reach on you. He’s a hockey player, not an idiot. He is going to be a complete player, if he’s not already, and the fighting is just part of the package that he brings. Good stuff!


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