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  1. It was funny! I could’ve done without seeing Bailey’s pubes in the tub, though. LOL

  2. He actually is a pretty good actor, more photogenic that most hockey players. He seems like such an affable guy…

  3. Word is….the Corey Perry & Wild Wing “room-MATES” video has been banned here in the USA…….was too disgusting for the adult film industry…believe it or not?
    But it’s being shown throughout his Canadian hometown as a wildlife preservation fundraiser film………..eew

  4. Hahaha, that was pretty good. Particularly Kopi @ 1:41 with the clacker “What the hell is this thing?!” Great moment.

  5. Bailey and Zues should room together. There would be enough hair in the sink to to make a Lady Ga Ga pinata. They could bring it out during the first intermision , blindfold some fans, and let them swing away at it with hockey sticks.


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