I have but a moment to come up for air from the absurdly busy past two weeks in my life…I miss writing about our beloved team and conversing with you. But, since I have a moment, let me say this.

One can make excuses and give reasons 24/7 as to why this player should not be acquired, or isn’t the right fit, or costs too much, etc. You can go back and look at every single trade in the past 30 years in NHL history and come up with reasonable arguments that the trade, in foresight, was not in the best interests of the team. But in hockey, like life, you get out what you put in. If you are adverse to risk, every risk other than the highest percentage of calculated risk, you will find yourself often standing still while others pass you by.

Nashville got stronger and better today, just as the Ducks did yesterday, just as the Blackhawks did before them – Three teams with whom we are competing for a playoff spot today and this season.

The Kings continue to stand still.

I don’t know yet what the next few weeks will hold leading to the trade deadline but I am certain of this. If those with whom the LA Kings are competing for that playoff spot continue to improve while Lombardi fails to improve our team, our opponents’ forward motion may be our reverse and that is a risk Dean should think about long and hard.

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  1. Thanks. Now that I’ve read in print what I’ve been thinking, I’m even MORE depressed. I had a flashback to July 2010….waiting, waiting, waiting, while team, after team passed us by! I HATE to be looking from the outside in.


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