Everytime I think Terry Murray has reached an unsurpassable point of bizarre behavior, he outdoes himself.

The LA Kings are struggling to score goals.

They are winning despite same by rolling four lines.

When Westgarth has sat, the Kings have had a solid winning record. 13-3-1.

When Westgarth has played, the Kings have had a crap filled losing record. 16-19-2.

Kevin Westgarth cannot skate, pass, shoot and adds nothing other than a wild pugilistic style that brings nothing against a team like the Penguins, especially with Cooke suspended.

Kevin Westgarth is the death of any line he plays on. He singlehandedly kills the ability to roll four lines.

Yet, when we need more than anything else a victory, Terry Murray scratches an offensive player like Brad Richardson and puts in Kevin Westgarth.

Sure, you can run a foot race with a weight strapped to your ankle…but unless you’re a masochist, why the hell would you?