Everytime I think Terry Murray has reached an unsurpassable point of bizarre behavior, he outdoes himself.

The LA Kings are struggling to score goals.

They are winning despite same by rolling four lines.

When Westgarth has sat, the Kings have had a solid winning record. 13-3-1.

When Westgarth has played, the Kings have had a crap filled losing record. 16-19-2.

Kevin Westgarth cannot skate, pass, shoot and adds nothing other than a wild pugilistic style that brings nothing against a team like the Penguins, especially with Cooke suspended.

Kevin Westgarth is the death of any line he plays on. He singlehandedly kills the ability to roll four lines.

Yet, when we need more than anything else a victory, Terry Murray scratches an offensive player like Brad Richardson and puts in Kevin Westgarth.

Sure, you can run a foot race with a weight strapped to your ankle…but unless you’re a masochist, why the hell would you?

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  1. Nobody wanted Westgarth to succeed more than I did at the beginning of the season, but the guy’s a pylon. Even the fighting style is nothing to get excited about. I would rather watch Clifford fight. Westgarth needs a trip to the AHL, maybe that would wake him up.

  2. I just…I just don’t understand it. Why Murray? Why?! It hurts my brain when I try to think of a valid reason to scratch Richardson for Westgarth.

  3. Can we trade him for BizNasty2point0?

    PHX is 17-12-3 when he sees TOI as opposed to 11-7-6 when he doesn’t.

    And, we’d get a better twitter feed.

    Laughing so I won’t cry,


  4. Maybe when Sturm comes back they’d think of sending Westie to the Eastie to play for the Monarchs? FFFFFFFAAAAAAAARRRRRRR Better than sending Lokti down.

    Please, Dean, make Terry see the light here.

  5. Man we should have won this game… so many chances but we couldn’t finish and MAF played good as well.

    I’m usually an optimist but I have to admit I’m not feeling too good about our chances to make it to the playoffs….

  6. Westgarths’ rookie season so far has been a dog with fleas. The guy can hold his own, but you’d have more success sending him out to sell candybars in front of a supermarket for the girlscouts, then sending him out to draw a fight from another enforcer who gets paid to stir it up in a hockey game.

    So we’re left with his playing skills, which wouldn’t even stand up to the last beer league I played in. I could even out play Westy (which isn’t sayin much) and I understand the enforcer role better than he does. I don’t even make 1/2 a mill a year, so if you put me out there, I gaurentee you I’d force every opposing player on the ice to try and take a peice of me. Not even their goalies would be safe. I’d stand in front of their bench and taunt the coach if I had to.

  7. Scribe, I’m a little surprised in the content of this article. Though I think emotions are getting the best of us, you know our problems go much deeper than a 4th line player. I understand the limitations he brings but, good grief, we had zero business losing to that team and Westie was only a small piece of the loss.

    Finally, TM is calling out the “best players”, why aren’t we? Where is Kopidud, Captain Caveman and Little Caboos Simmonds? You all know how I feel about Kopitar. Again for those who don’t know me, I don’t care about Kopitar scoring goals(though it’s nice), I get frustrated with his lack of desire to compete, to shoot, to attack, to create, to make others better, the lack of being the star he’s capable of being. He can do it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. Last time I ragged on him, he started playing to his potential, and went on a scoring streak taking Brown with him. Hopefully this will work again.

    Brown, I don’t know what to say. I must have overvalued him a bit. I keep waiting for him to get better and progress each year, but it seems he’s peaked. I love the physical game and the compete he brings every night but his hockey sense seems a little off sometimes. How Kopitar goes, goes Brown.

    Where is one of my favorite players. Night Train, where have you gone, son? I’ve bragged about you from the first time I saw you. I told people how good you were going to be(all-star) 20 or so games into your pro career(Kings). You seem to be missing enthusiasm and the fire you brought to every shift. Shoot, Simmonds, the fight last night even stunk. Usually when you scrap, you bring the heat, the killer instinct. What’s the matter son? Talk to me.

    I wish I could sit down, beer in hand, and chat with these young men and find out what the hell is happening.

    I understand Kopitar needs help, and lacks skill around him, but, dammit he needs to carry the load until help arrives. Sometimes being the best player isn’t fair but you have to deal with it and do all you can to be the “Man.”

    • Westys’ time could of been used better by someone who could play. TM has emphasized better play from his enforcers since he got here. He insists on having them in the line up, but uses their limited playing abilities to continue the cycle, play sound defensively, and carry the puck. Same thing last season when he tried to work with improving Ivanans skating so he could contribute with his play also. He has no understanding of how to use these guys, and defers the enforcing to players who can play (like Clifford) to do a job that is designed for a guy like Westy. If Westy new what he was doing he wouldn’t listen to TM. Having him in the line up primarily as a 4rth liner does the team no good, and takes away minutes from someone else.

      Kopi and Brown are playing as hard as hard as possible, but have been nuetralized by opposing teams. Is it really their lack of desire? or a case of being used to do nothing but carry on a cycle which has been properly scouted?

      Simmers is just a sophmore. He’ll figure it out.

    • Right now…13+ Million dollars is being spent this season for Kopi & Smyth!!!!!!!

      Both have not been paired together this season and have 35 goals combined for the season so far.
      Brown, Stoll, & Willy have 52 goals for 10 million

      And like Coach Murray……I don’t have a point……..nothing makes sence……& I’m lost…..

  8. It’s the Coach, It’s the System, It’s a joke……

    With this system in place, we won’t know any players full potential

    If we give up on anyone of them, we’re asking to get Moulsoned

    Lombardi has some pretty poor 1st round picks, in the system, and their value continues to fall thanks to Coach Murray’s size matters theory.

    Lombardi has some great 2nd & 3rd round picks, in the system, and as they increase their value, we’ll overpay for some chump with SIZE to play here, give up on the kids we groom, or trade them at the deadline for another chump, so we can fall deeper in the draft, and continue this personel cycle like their offensive zone cycle…..pointless!!!

    Westgarth hasn’t needed to fight, because our group has been handling their shit
    Westgarth’s role should be to protect the, smallish Moller, Lotki, Hickey, Voynov, Kozun and soon enough…Schenn & Toffoli
    Westgarth HAS NO ROLE This Season
    Our coach is so OLD SCHOOL…..he’s livin in Bedrock


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