Goal number 1: Kopitar is in the middle of the offensive zone. He makes the pass from between the circles to Simmonds. Simmonds doesn’t take a random shot. He doesn’t go behind the net. He doesn’t cycle. He drives to the net, takes the shot and Kopitar picks up the loose puck.

Goal number 2: Clifford drives through the middle of the ice. Takes the shot from just right of the hashmarks, rebound, Loktionov from one foot above the crease puts it in. No cycle. No bad angle shot. No shot from the point hoping for a rebound.

Goal number 3: Simmonds gets away from the boards. Drives to the net. Creates the loose puck. Handzus at the front sweeps it in. This one is especially important. Simmonds did not shoot it behind the net. He did not keep a cycle or develop one. He didn’t pass it to the point. He didn’t maintain his position along the half boards. He didn’t stop the puck to play this bullshit “heavy stick” 1970 offense. He did what the post lock out game demands. Creativity. Creating time and space through skating and that creativity.

Goal number 4: Out numbered attack. Williams skates it in and from the left of the hashmarks he makes a cross ice pass to Stoll who is at the right of the hashmarks. Just like that. 4-1.

I don’t give credit to the farmer because the chicken laid an egg. I don’t give credit to Terry Murray when the team won outside of his inept system.

The credit and the love goes to our players. They rose above today and won despite the dinosaur behind the bench.