You’ve read Surly use a few four letter words here and there…I got a three letter one for you.


Wow to the pace of this Sunday matinée match against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Wow to the energy our boys showed on a back to back road game.

Wow to a second and third period that, with limited exceptions, saw waves of attack by Philly against the Kings’ net.

Wow to a team defense that, despite the onslaught, played a damn good game and kept some dangerous moments to the outside including a huge 5 on 3 kill that could have been the momentum changer.

Wow to Jonathan Quick. He stole these two points.

Did I enjoy seeing Terry Murray’s system in full effect this game? No. But it worked today through stellar goaltending.

So here the LA Kings sit, tied with Minnesota who is in 8th place with 65 points. Meanwhile, Dallas is in 3rd place with 68 points. 3 points. Crazy? Not yet. The Kings have a goal differential of +24 to date. That is tied with the second place in the conference Detroit Red Wings. Insane? There is more. There is a potential trade in the pipeline – emphasis on potential though don’t be surprised if we hear about it in the coming days assuming Dean, who has the ball, runs with it. Some of you will love it. Some of you may not. Who? What? We don’t do that, so I can’t tell you but it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. GO KINGS!