8-0-2 in the last 10.

That is awesome.

How awesome?

Awesome Carrlyn

That awesome.

It nearly makes you forget the horror of a certain losing streak preceding this road trip…nearly.

How awesome?


That awesome!

How money is Jonathan Quick in shootouts? A dear friend commented this week that Johnny Q. may be the best the Kings have had in 30 + years…He keeps this up and that may become less opinion and more undeniable fact.

If you saw the game, there isn’t much I could add to its insanity. The Kings looked like killers for most of the first. The second was sloppy. The third was the team doing its impression of a pre-awesome Neo avoiding agent Smith’s swirling bullets.

How awesome?

Rangers are up next. We win and we may find ourselves tied for first in the Pacific. Insane…and awesome. GO KINGS!