This is not completely serious. It’s one of those half serious or perhaps one-fourth serious thoughts. After the game, I had a vision of the Kings’ last game of the season and imagined one in which LA had to get two points or they would miss the playoffs. That game would take years from my life. Surly may not survive it…not with a voice. Let’s say Jonathan Bernier started that game. I know, that probably would not happen, but assume it did. The Kings go to a shootout. Quick has won nearly every one of his. Bernier has been below average up to that point.

What does Murray do?

What would you do?

Do you pull Bernier? Put in Quick?

Now, ask yourself this. Do you do it if the season is not on the line?

This got me thinking some more. Clearly, Jonathan Quick’s style, athletic and flexible, fits the shootout better than that of Bernier. It’s understandable. It’s not really a knock on Jonathan II as much as it is a huge compliment to Quickie. Now, if you know that one of your goaltenders excels at this skills competition, why not put him in? There is no rule against it of which I am aware. Bernier can be pulled. Quick can be placed in net. That happens tonight and I wonder if the Kings win this game…I think they do…but do you do it? Does Murray? Is it too outside the box? Is it a confidence killer for Bernier? Is it rude?

What is it?

Remember…one fourth serious.