This is not completely serious. It’s one of those half serious or perhaps one-fourth serious thoughts. After the game, I had a vision of the Kings’ last game of the season and imagined one in which LA had to get two points or they would miss the playoffs. That game would take years from my life. Surly may not survive it…not with a voice. Let’s say Jonathan Bernier started that game. I know, that probably would not happen, but assume it did. The Kings go to a shootout. Quick has won nearly every one of his. Bernier has been below average up to that point.

What does Murray do?

What would you do?

Do you pull Bernier? Put in Quick?

Now, ask yourself this. Do you do it if the season is not on the line?

This got me thinking some more. Clearly, Jonathan Quick’s style, athletic and flexible, fits the shootout better than that of Bernier. It’s understandable. It’s not really a knock on Jonathan II as much as it is a huge compliment to Quickie. Now, if you know that one of your goaltenders excels at this skills competition, why not put him in? There is no rule against it of which I am aware. Bernier can be pulled. Quick can be placed in net. That happens tonight and I wonder if the Kings win this game…I think they do…but do you do it? Does Murray? Is it too outside the box? Is it a confidence killer for Bernier? Is it rude?

What is it?

Remember…one fourth serious.

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  1. Personally, I wouldn’t. I think part of why Quick is so good, is because he gets into the zone in the game. He wouldn’t be as warmed up if he just went in.

    Also if Quick lost, then that could cause issues with Bernier and could be a huge blow to his confidence.

    Whoever starts a game should end it, unless they give up too many goals to fast.

  2. The only way I see this happening is if Bernier REALIZES he sucks at SO and he and Quickie have an agreement ahead of time that if it goes to SO, he comes in because Quickie is the Shoot-Out GOD!

  3. I’d discuss it with both of them and tell them it was a possibility from here on out. If Bernier really is behind the team concept it shouldn’t be a problem (if it is, tell Deano to trade him as part of the good-lord-it-must-be-coming-soon trade for a sniper.) Quick is 7-0 is the S/O this year, you have to play to your strength and that’s a huge one.

    I’d have done it tonight. Without a second of hesitation. I was hoping TM would…

    But, I should also point out, I’m probably not in the norm here. I think there’s a lot to be gained from getting out from under some of the orthodoxy of modern coaching. For instance, I’d be quicker to look for the 6th skater when down. I’d consider it as early as 5 minutes left in some circumstances. Maybe even earlier.

    (I think of it like playing tournament poker — there are a lot of players who do not push all-in until the move is too weak to have a legitimate shot. You’re already losing and you’ll lose with 100% certainty if you don’t act aggressively. Same thinking applies to hockey when you’re down beyond midway in the 3rd.)

    Where, oh where, is the Vermin?


  4. There is a certain lack of etiquette here that I don’t think TM would commit. He is old school that way.

    Personally, I think the downside for the team would exceed the upside. In a way, this could effect the cohesiveness of the team, particularly if the Kings lost. Quick also would not be fully warmed up.

    Wouldn’t characterize it as “rude”, but it is a bad idea.

  5. Did everyone forget that Quick gave up the first two goals in one of his recent shootouts? Everyone seems to forget that the Kings bailed him out by matching goal for goal. Bernier didn’t get the support. Kopitar has been dreadful this season in the shootout, 2 for 9 I think.

    It’s not always the goalies fault. The NY shooters were 8 for 9 so far this year.

    Everyone in the world knows what Stoll is going to do in the shootout. Yet he is 5 of 6. Sometimes the shooters are that good.

  6. 2 things: 1. Confidence killer, absolutely. That is death for a goalie. 2. He is not warmed up enough and would not be as effective as he normally is in a shootout where he played the whole game.

  7. I have to research it to find out who it was (hah, like I’m gonna research ), but I’m positive I have seen This done atleast once by some team.

  8. Actually I’ve been thinking about this for a while myself and last night’s game solidified it for me.

    I think you do it. Regularly.

    The “confidence killer” aspect of it is a NON issue if you explain to both goalies going in that this is going to be the strategy going forward.

    I think it’s a great way to mess with the forwards heads on the opposing team … they just spent 60 minutes learning what kind of night a particular goalie is having. Switch em out and keBLAM .. What tha ??

  9. And even more interesting question. Would you have thought of this if Quick was lets say 5-1 in the shootout?

    Personally, I think it would do more harm than good to put Quick in.

  10. That was EXACTLY my thought last night!
    Did not know if legal..but If I were the coach ..
    Not to hurt Bernier’s ego. But have to do what is BEST for the team . Loved the game..All grit our boys..only wish we Had gotten the 2 points .
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. After reading other comments, I do agree it would be better for the team’s cohesiveness if this had already been discussed. Also if it were known ahead of time, Quick would already have warmed least as well as when brought in as a replacement. Totally agree with Sydor25..think it was him ..that Kopi sucks at the shootout! Was thinking that as well last night when I saw him. Don’t know if he gets nervous or what..but he does. not show his skill as in the game. IMO.

  12. I do know that it’s legal to do, and I’m sure I’ve seen it done, just not by whom. Seems the kind of thing that John Tortorella might pull out of his bag of tricks. I agree with the sentiment, especially at this time of the season, that you have to go with who is getting the job done for the team at the moment. Everyone has to know what is going on and be on board with it. Statistically Quick is the better shootout goalie than Bernier has been. That said, TM has to think about mixing up his shooters to get more support for the netminder. Kopi is in a shootout slump, so try Simmonds or Loktionov…anyone but Westgarth.


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