There are seats…and then there are these seats.

Pat Sajak is a diehard LA Kings’ fan, season ticket holder and has incredible glass seats in section 107. He and the folk tapped Surly & I on the shoulder and asked us to promote his giveaway. He didn’t ask for anything in return and neither did we. We are humbled he digs our prose. Here is Pat to tell you all about it…

“Wait, wait, wait, he’s giving away his seats?” I can hear you asking.


You don’t even have to buy a vowel but you do have to enter the contest and the game is February 24 verses the Minnesota Wild. Interested? You’re crazy if you’re not. I am entering and if I win the tickets, I am taking Surly…maybe.

Let’s hear it for Pat Sajak for bringing this cool giveaway to our readers and LA Kings’ fans. Click on the link Pat Sajak Voomerang Giveaway for details.

While you’re at it, check out some of the amazing daily deals sends out. GO KINGS!

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  1. Vanna tapping you on the leg would have been even more impressive, but very cool, indeed. Hello Mr. Sajak, it’s great to see you enjoy the Kings as we do. Did not know you were a Kings fan. I like you that much more now.

    Many moons ago, my aunt, whom I lived with at that time, was on your show. So long ago, in fact, it was when you bought the gift’s with the money you earned. My Aunt did well and bought some cool gifts. I was so young at the time, I thought you had just “given” my Aunt all those gifts. That’s why I liked you so much Mr. Sajak. It wasn’t until years later, I found out she earned/won them. Pretty funny stuff. Now, I find out you’re a Kings fan as well? You’ve moved back to hero status.

    I entered the the giveaway at Voomerang. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Also, thanks to Surly and Scribe for being such cool cats. Keep up the good work, young men.

    • Very touching story. You sure that wasn’t Chuck Woolery?

      • You know T, now that you mention it, you might be right about that. Now you got me thinking…..I’m going to make a call and see.

        • T, you are the man. Chuck, was in fact the host at the time.

          It’s ok Pat you’re still my hero. :)

          Only 75 minutes or so till our next victory. Let’s go boys.

  2. Right on!!
    I have a friend with season tkts on glass on the left side of Pat..on the glass. I have gotten a chance to go to a game a year and sit in them.
    (I know..I am spoiled)
    Remember last year when the glass kept breaking right in front of Pat?
    TY! There are excellent action seats.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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