No goals.

Few scoring chances.

Even less passes that connected.

Too little, both early and late.

I sure am glad Terry Murray benched Andrei Loktionov and shuffled the lines again. I am certain Lokti’s passing ability, penchant for getting open and skill set wouldn’t have come in handy. Maybe Murray expected a “heavier” perimeter game, one with a lot of checking, fighting, and good old-fashioned 70’s hockey. Who knows. Who the hell cares. While our coach didn’t do our offense any favors, our boys didn’t show up tonight and Drew Doughty all but had an abortion on the ice. Anze Kopitar did his best impression of a third line center for most of the night. If I took a shot for every open shot he didn’t take, Surly would be writing this post game.

These games happen. You learn from it. You move on. You hope the old man behind the bench doesn’t find new old ways to screw with the team’s chemistry…actually, you probably assume he does and work hard to overcome it.

Don’t let this loss get you down LA Kings‘ fans. The Anaheim Ducks are next. Let’s focus our rage where it matters – through their hearts. GO KINGS!

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  1. Two words: Tired Team

    At least Loktionov will be the new Richardson…He’ll be plenty rested in time for the Ducks.

  2. They l0oked like shit tonight. No retribution for that cheap hit on Kopitar–made this game even worse to watch.

    Hopefully this game will not be a turn in the opposite direction for this rather streaky team…

    • That really bothered me. A total cheap shot on our star forward. Isn’t That the only reason to play Westgarth? But nothing. Highly disappointing and upsetting.

      • And, that was with Westgarth on the bench.

        Lokti will not be rested for the Ducks — he’s been sent down to Manchester. (Why, why, why???)

  3. I am kinda of hoping Murray will bench Doughty Drewiske against the Ducks. After all, the Ducks play pretty rough and what does Doughty bring to the game?

  4. I don’t think Top line, second, third, and forth.
    I think lines that work. Richardson is back, fresh, eager, with speed. So good for him on top line with Sims..too bad Kopi was playing with no confidence last night. Many chances to shoot not taken. I was hoping that They would have kept Stolle line and Loki lines the same and put Zues with Lewis and Poni. Westgarth is just not NHL quality. Very poor skills.
    But you and Kopi were right. For whatever reason the Kings did not show up to play.Too bad for them and their fans. :-(
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. Yes crappy cheap shot to Kopi!
    And no Westgarth retribution? ??. Couldn’t have been to prevent an Islander PP..or to protect our lead…cause we didn’t have one!


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