Dmitry Chesnokov asked Andrei Loktionov why he thought he was sent to the AHL. Lokti’s reply: “I don’t know,”

We do.

Lokti plays too cute of a game. Hockey is played along the boards. We call them the half boards but they are the whole game. All offense starts and finishes in that one place. If the puck ends up toward the middle of the offensive zone and goes in the net, it was a lucky accident and clearly not the result of the correctly execution system. Speed, skill, the ability to connect a pass and find himself open doesn’t translate into the type of hockey needed to win 1-0 games or lose 3-0. That requires more grit, cycling, don’t skate, don’t think, fuck the opening, shoot, shoot, shoot the puck mentality. Lokti doesn’t have it. All those Cup winning teams since the lockout who have won with a control game and deft lateral passing with an emphasis on speed, time and space are out of touch with the tried and true 1976 hockey that our coach Terry Murray brings and our GM apparently covets. A team full of Mike Ricci, Dean Lombardi has surmised. I am ready. Let’s go full ugly.

I for one am happy Marco Sturm is coming back. Two knee injuries in three seasons and fresh off missing another round of games over a month should have him prepared…and Kevin Westgarth. Oh yeah baby. Did you see the way he stood up for Anze Kopitar after that cheap shot in the Islanders’ game? You can’t teach that kind of inaction. That’s why he’s there. To intimidate by doing nothing. You think that’s easy? Try doing it while providing no offense or D. It’s not the kind of thing you can teach.


That’s what Terry Murray wants.

Everything else be damned.

This bit of sarcasm has been brought to you by, home of confounded Kings’ fans.

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  1. Really what can you say. That Dean continues to support this crap amazes and disappoints me.

    Helene tweeted the news with a tease that it may be a prelude to an acquisition. I really hope she’s right.

    • Support? Most likely engineered. My guess he’ll return when the roster opens next week.

      Maybe DD2 and perhaps Harold will be gone by then…if not to another team then to Manchester. Wonder if any Scouts will in Anaheim tomorrow.

      Who feels Strum will not be in game shape in time to help? Anyone?

  2. Lokti, keep your head up, son. You were outstanding. I really enjoyed, as many others, your creativity and style of play. You will be back soon and we’ll be waiting. Till then, work hard, refine your game and be ready to help us move forward to the second round.

  3. Sending players down to the farm is the GM’s decision. What are these guys thinking?

  4. How bout some plain ol ANGER!
    This move is the worst yet…only flaw for Latte is his size. And they said he Will grow and ‘thickin’ in time. This jerking him around is going to do shit for the youngster’s confidence. His 2 years here have been rough enough. They are going to ruin him if they aren’t careful.
    Westgarth…I just remembered after reading your comment..last game..he was most interested when Clifford had his fight. That delighted him..saw on bench. Perhaps he wants to try boxing? Individual sport, not team, not sticking up for teamate getting cheapshot.
    Lokti being sent down..makes me fearful of deal that fell through yesterday which he was a part. I know trade rumors are the Biggest gossip around..that is why I had asked if anyone else had heard of one. Want tone way off on this!!!

  5. This move is ridiculous, and doesn’t further the team. They were dragging Marco around on the road trip, and could have played him if they wanted and didn’t, so why send this kid, and his creativity back to Manchester? I have to agree with Vagabond Jim, Dean Lombardi signing off on this BS is the most worrisome. He should have pulled Terry’s chain over the lack of creativity in the offense long ago. Sure, we need a LW but that doesn’t excuse the predictability of the offense, and the constant hanging on the boards. I heard Daryl Evans mention it twice during the radio broadcast of the Islander game. Who’s running the team, Terry or Dean?

    • It’s never a good sign, when both a radio and tv announcer start questioning the way things are done on and off the ice. Could there be heat arising in L.A.?

      • This is not the first time. Foxy has said it twice. I have heard it from the other team’s color guys during the games. Nick said it once that I have heard and now Daryl. What do you expect Dean to do? Admit that he made yet another coaching mistake and fire Murray, thereby putting his own neck on the line? At the end of the day, we unfortunately have to live with what we have for now – that is why you haven’t seen a Fire Murray article from Surly and I. We believe he is the wrong coach (I called it the moment he was hired) but until the holes are filled and he then fails with THAT talent, Dean is relegated to keep him or admit another mistake.

  6. What amazes me about it, and I’ve heard the offense, I’ll call it an observation to be diplomatic, from Helene Elliott, of the LA TIMES as well, is that they seem to ignore all the voices telling them that the emperor has no clothes. This offense is predictable enough for the worst team in the league to shut us out while we employ it, but when we stray off the page against the Caps and Flyers, we win. How do you shut your eyes to that?

  7. The offense has been horrible for the winning streak and losing streak. it’s just that the Kings defense and goaltending were standing on their heads.

    The Kings were able to get three points in two games while scoring only one goal. Bernier also lost a game and didn’t give up a goal.

    This team has the talent to score goals, they just need management to realize that the 70’s Flyers days are over.

    Pittsburgh just raped Dallas in a trade and got James Neal. Too bad Dallas wouldn’t trade within the division.

  8. Yea or Nay:

    4. One thing to know about the Kings: Dean Lombardi and Terry Murray feel their players have shown real commitment to the organization and each other. Therefore, they don’t want to break up the group unless forced to. That means an ownership directive, or a sense of supreme underachievement. This is still a young team that needs to add, not subtract.


    It’s hard to argue against the idea. But, it’s just as important to argue that we need to make the playoffs to satisfy our needs as fans and ticket purchasers.

    Would the hard learning of a streaky year and not making the playoffs make us a stronger team next year and down the road? Am I just rationalizing my impending disappointment?


  9. Same article as above, same Yea or Nay sought:

    19. One coach gave an interesting breakdown of the Flames: they’re not a team that beats you with X’s and O’s. They beat you by going at you hard. They send it deep, or on net, and go get it. When you play confidently, that style can win a lot of games

    That sounds a whole lot like the TM mentality…can it work in the long run? It sounds like playoff hockey. But what good is that if you can’t make the playoffs?

  10. Lokti, missing and Williams moved to the 3rd line. The one thing I can say for sure, the system rebukes creativity.

    I think Williams is a priority to re-sign, do you all think he’s intersted? I know it’s a guess, but do you think the system will force him elsewhere. I will be disappointed if he doesn’t return.

  11. WE ARE DOOMED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Not that I want it to be here fast, but there are a whole bunch of player decisions at the end of the season:

    UFA: Williams, Handzus, Ponikarovsky, Stoll

    RFA: Doughty, Simmonds, Richardson

    Maybe others I can’t remember

    The team could look a lot different next season.

  13. Why would an skilled forward want to sign with a team when he knows his offensive creativity will be shot down. Williams and any skilled forward wants to play where they can prevail not be held back by a defence only coaching staff.

  14. To me, based purely on speculation, Williams willingness to resign with the Kings will hinge on whether the Kings make the playoffs and how they perform if/when they get there.


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