Dmitry Chesnokov asked Andrei Loktionov why he thought he was sent to the AHL. Lokti’s reply: “I don’t know,”

We do.

Lokti plays too cute of a game. Hockey is played along the boards. We call them the half boards but they are the whole game. All offense starts and finishes in that one place. If the puck ends up toward the middle of the offensive zone and goes in the net, it was a lucky accident and clearly not the result of the correctly execution system. Speed, skill, the ability to connect a pass and find himself open doesn’t translate into the type of hockey needed to win 1-0 games or lose 3-0. That requires more grit, cycling, don’t skate, don’t think, fuck the opening, shoot, shoot, shoot the puck mentality. Lokti doesn’t have it. All those Cup winning teams since the lockout who have won with a control game and deft lateral passing with an emphasis on speed, time and space are out of touch with the tried and true 1976 hockey that our coach Terry Murray brings and our GM apparently covets. A team full of Mike Ricci, Dean Lombardi has surmised. I am ready. Let’s go full ugly.

I for one am happy Marco Sturm is coming back. Two knee injuries in three seasons and fresh off missing another round of games over a month should have him prepared…and Kevin Westgarth. Oh yeah baby. Did you see the way he stood up for Anze Kopitar after that cheap shot in the Islanders’ game? You can’t teach that kind of inaction. That’s why he’s there. To intimidate by doing nothing. You think that’s easy? Try doing it while providing no offense or D. It’s not the kind of thing you can teach.


That’s what Terry Murray wants.

Everything else be damned.

This bit of sarcasm has been brought to you by, home of confounded Kings’ fans.