Call it an urge to chat with my favorite Kings‘ fans…since I can’t at the last-minute have you over to the house for a beer or four and talk puck, this will have to do.

The LA Kings waived Marco Sturm. Color me apathetic. I don’t get frustrated with Sturm’s play or lack thereof anymore. Remember that we gave up little to get little and this move is a bit like running out of room in your refrigerator and clearing out the left over Bud Light that your wife’s second cousin brought to the last party so you can make room for the Stone Ruination you just bought. Besides, he will clear and be back…just like the Bud Light.

Is Anze Kopitar a first line center? Here comes an unpopular opinion that I reserve the right to change. No. He is a second line center. The Kings elevated him into the first line role too early and he is not ready to lead yet. He will become a first line center one day. Give me fair warning before you throw your empty beer bottle at me so I can put Surly between us.

Watching Wayne Simmonds snipe those two goals against the Minnesota Wild gave me goosebumps. The fact they came from the middle of the offensive zone was a nice affirmation of the obvious. The Night Train trade rumors bother me. While we do, as fans, overvalue our own players, I keep looking at Simmonds and asking, what is his ceiling?

Do you want Brad Richards? Do you trade Brayden SchennViatcheslav Voynov and a first for him if you had him locked to at least a four-year contract worth $6 to 8 million per season and a no movement clause?

I am surprised Ales Hemsky is not yet a Los Angeles King and I still believe he will be. I am not advocating that I want him here. He was made at the same glass factory as Marian Gaborik.

Dustin Brown played his best game in nearly two months against the Wild. I am still persuaded he was either working through an injury or having head check issues…as in check your head, because something was distracting him. Then again, it was only one game. He could return to suck tomorrow.

Remember to wish Surly a happy birthday this time next week.

How about that fourth line last night? Trevor Lewis centering Kyle Clifford and Alexei Ponikarovsky. Showed great chemistry. I give it 2 games before Terry Murray breaks it up.

Speaking of our coach, give him credit for consistently doing a great job with the Kings’ defense. If he had the same offensive acumen, we would have one of the best coaches in the league. Hopefully, the boys keep taking the puck between the circles or take it to the hash marks.

Drew Doughty has apparently decided that every chance he gets, he is jumping into the offensive play. I dig it. It has hurt him defensively but I will take the trade off right now. He is deadly with the puck and so long as Willie Mitchell is sound in the defensive zone, the Kings can risk Drew taking risks. I do wonder if Murray will eventually rein him in or let him play.

Rob Scuderi may well be my favorite Los Angeles Kings player in 2011. The man is a rock on defense and he has recently started shooting the puck when the opportunity comes. If we had three of him, opposing teams would have fits trying to generate offense.

Are you surprised the New Jersey Devils are suddenly winning? I am not either. It’s a good example of how important coaching is to winning.

I miss Andrei Loktionov. His smile is infectious.

Tell the truth – do you want to see the Anaheim Ducks make the playoffs with us this season? At the risk of imminent assault from Surly, I do. It’s about time. I not only want to see both teams make it, I want to play them in the second round or conference finals. Can you imagine the insanity! The chances of me being incarcerated at a game by Anaheim PD would increase by 1000%.

I still can’t wrap my head around the Dallas StarsJames Neal trade with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I have read the explanations and those who justify it from Dallas’ perspective. It’s all nonsense. The Stars got bent over and felt the cold finger of injustice…or rather, all five fingers in a fist.

If you see a damn good looking guy at the game wearing the black alternate Kings’ jersey with “SCRIBE” on the back and the number “9”, someone has stolen my recently customized jersey…I kid. Say hello. Surly is getting his “SURLY” and “33” one for his birthday. He knows. I told him.


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  1. I agree that it looks inevitable that Dean will forge ahead with a deal for Ales Hemsky, when we would be better served to have Rick Nash on the roster. The question is, what does he give up for him? I continue to hope that Wayne Simmonds is not part of the discussion here, but will grudgingly accept it if he is. I would rather part with Marco, and throw in another prospect and a conditional pick, to make this deal, but that probably won’t happen. I would actually be quite comfortable if we stand pat, if I thought that Terry Murray would quit the juggling act with the lines to they could gel sufficiently to make a playoff push.

    And yes, a playoff series with the Ducks would be epic! Even if it had to happen in the first round, those would be games to remember.

  2. I can’t wait for the deadline to pass. All these rumors are getting old.

    With the ducks in the playoff issue: I would be ok if it were early on in the playoffs but seeing the ducks in the conference finals would just give me heartburn. I’d never hear the end of it from my duck loving family….

    I will be going to my first game this season, tomorrow!!


  3. Sturm is clearly a rental

    Doubt there will be much coming in on a trade

    Like Rumsfeld says, gotta go to war with what you’ve got

  4. I’m sure you guy’s KNOW…..But we currently have the Top Scorer in both the OHL and the WHL,
    Toffoli and Vey…..Czarnik and Weal are also playing well.

    Schenn and Kitsin are tearing it up each game,

    So who is expendable, and what does the future hold?

    What is Voynov really worth as trade??? Will we lose him to the KHL??? Hemsky….hmmm

    Lokti out for the season……That Sucks……

    What Moulson, Boyle, Purcell are we willing to give up for a run at the playoff’s??

    Could it be too late for Moller to help?

    Will and Can Schenn be placed on our roster for playoff’s, after juniors are done?

    Is Night Train overvalued and could be our best trade piece?

    Are the goals scored in the middle, a sign of things to come?
    OR is it a sign of how good that player will be in a different system?

  5. If I can add…..Most of the league see’s Simmonds as a 20+ goal scorer, now add everything we love about him and his value increases drastically. Not for Hemsky….NO WAY……

    Mr. Glass will barely score 20 goals in our current system, and shatter our hopes.

    Right now the ONLY defensive injury backup we have is Drewiske……
    Even if Voynov is on top of his game, and NHL ready, learning the NHL game right before playoff’s is a NO NO……

    Our Defence on our roster is FIRM….only a swap is allowed at this time.

    Harrold deserves better….waive him, or trade him. Stop sucking the life out of him.

    I just hope we don’t overpay, to get Deano another contract…. and IF we do, please keep it consistant……East coast teams….Imagine Moulson, Boyle & Purcell playing in Dallas, Phoenix, or San Jose?? Anaheim…..Well that is not gonna happen…..Parros has been a open sore, And…..Westgarth and Ivanans are the SALT.

    It’s out of our hands again, as it always is……………..

  6. Well Washington just FUCKED US……..good luck Sturm

    Lokti out for the season……..FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKK…

    Back to Parse……scary


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