The cost of batteries after a major earthquake.

The price for a left wing after a Sturm.

The LA Kings lost Andrei Loktionov to a season ending left shoulder injury yesterday.

Dean Lombardi’s waiver move with Marco Sturm backfired when the Washington Capitals picked up the veteran left wing.

You may think this increases the chance of Dean Lombardi making a trade. Perhaps. Another perspective is the loss of Loktionov and Sturm puts Lombardi in a greater position of weakness in negotiations because the LA Kings‘ need for a left wing has suddenly hit critical mass. Supply and demand – there was already a short supply of left wing forwards. The LA Kings now have a greater demand for one. Hence, the market price goes up.

What now? Those teams nicely asking for Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn, or players Dean Lombardi hesitated to give up may not ask with a smile anymore. You could blame Dean for waiting too long, as LA Times Hall of Fame writer Helene Elliott coined Paralysis by Analysis:

A general manager identifies a need for a productive left winger. He decides to trade a valuable asset to fill that need but gives his team a better chance to go deep in the playoffs this season and in the future. Congratulations, Ray Shero of the Pittsburgh Penguins. What, you thought it might be Kings GM Dean Lombardishaking off his paralysis by analysis?

…The Kings, who were interested in Neal but not at the cost of a top defenseman, have looked at Florida’s David Booth and Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky but have made it known they won’t trade prospect Brayden Schenn. It would be surprising if Lombardi does anything bigger than his usual and tedious mid-range deals. The Ducks thought they’d be buyers, but if goaltender Jonas Hiller continues to be plagued by lightheadedness they’ll fall too far out of contention for anything to make a difference.

She’s right. This hole at left wing is nothing new. Neither is arguably the bigger one at 2nd line center. For three seasons, Lombardi has done nothing to fill it waiting for the “right fit.” But what now? While either theory is speculation, don’t be surprised if Lombardi takes his trading marbles and stays home. That could mean an Oscar Moller call up. It could also translate to a marginal trade that doesn’t fill the long term necessity but simply replaces the Sturm that blew away. We’ll know soon enough.

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  1. Awww, adversity. I don’t know what DL is trying to do and don’t pretend to….shoot don’t even care, really. If he makes a move great, if he doesn’t, so be it.

    It’s up to the boys now. They are good enough to get things done. Simmonds and Brown both played outstanding against the Wild….that’s what I expect from them….difference makers. If Kopitar can realize his importance and put it in gear like 17 and 23, we’ll be in good shape. If our players play to potential, we can beat most teams on any given night with regularity. We can do it.

    I like the way Poni has been playing as of late. I would put him with 11 and 17. I can see good thing coming from this combo….give it a chance. Put Williams back with Smyth and Stoll, please. and let Zues do his thing with Brown and Clifford causing unorganized chaos, with, of course, structural integrity. 4th line is in question. Who plays with Lewis and Richardson on a regular basis? Harrold? This could be the call-up from Manchester. Who fills the bill? I don’t know, I don’t get to watch any Manchester games to answer that question.

    Another thought, do you guys think 3 and 8 are embarrassed (or should be) that Scuds, Willie and Matt have scored the defensive goals of late? I smile from ear to ear when one of our stay home guys scores a goal but the fact is we need more from our top two defensive studs in both ends.

    If we can somehow figure the PP play out, I’m talking to you Kompon and Murray, we would be in great shape. I believe if we play to our capabilities in all areas with the players we have, we’ll be just fine. Go after Richards in the off season when it’s a little more affordable. I’d love to see Richards in Kings uni.

    Game time boys….7 minutes and counting.

    • Put Williams, Stoll and Simmonds on the PP, at least they’ll move there damn feet.

    • Jack and Drew are playing great. Everyone on defense has maintained excellence. The pp is our Achilles heel but tonight, the biggest issue was getting the shots low and on net on those 5 on 3s. Too many of them sailing high and not allowing rebounds

      • Agreed, Bobby, the defense continues to be superb. I don’t think anyone is question that. I’m speaking of DD and JJ playing to the highest levels. They are playing well but I think you’d agree they have more to give. We need them to be successful for us to, first, make the play-offs and, second, to be competitive and make a real run at the cup. Part of being the best is doing all things well, don’t have to be great, just good, and that includes being able to put the puck on net during multiple 5 on 3’s. I do love the fact, they were credited with 12 combined shots(DD&JJ). That’s awesome and I hope they continue the barrage of shots.

        From Hammond
        (on the 5-on-3 power plays…)
        MURRAY: “It was good. The 5-on-3 was good. We were in the offensive zone the whole time. We were moving the puck around. We were getting our shots. Everybody was doing the right thing. We were recovering pucks. A lot of good plays off the boards were being made. We had good rotations going off the 5-on-3.


        Maybe, just maybe, this is why we suck on the PP. I will be fair and say the players were a big part of the problem tonight. Questionable system+ stationary players= failure. We are better than this, boys, that’s why its is so frustrating. You have the skill set to be a dominate unit. Why is it not happening? Come on gentlemen, you can do it, we know you can.

  2. Well I think we just screwed ourselves out of any good run for Lord Stanley for sure!

  3. All you arm chair coaches and GM’s relax and let our staff do what they are getting paid for. They want to win as bad as we do. Hockeyjockey keep the faith

  4. Hockeyjockey keep the faith. DL wants to win as much as we do.

  5. Watching the Jamie Kompon system of offense & Power Play, gives me a reason to Go Fuck Myself………….

  6. Until DL makes a deal that doesn’t cast away a player we wish we had right now, or overpay for a player that will re-sign somewhere else, or listen to Coach Murray on what his opinion of our players are, and base his decision on Mr. line juggling , board loving, skill robbing & point shot mentallity……………..

    My Arm will remain elbow deep in a Bowl of Dicks

  7. I hope Dean-O makes a reasonable move. This team is simply not going to win a cup this year even if you add a Richards or Nash. Giving up something from the “core” is counter productive for the next 3-4 years when we should be able to make several runs at the cup.

    Somebody tweeted tonight that Schenn’s value is pretty high right now and won’t be this high again until 3-4 years from now when he proves himself in the bigs. I’d hate to part with him. But, for the right proven, guiding leader, solid scorer i think it’s ok. We’d be giving up potential to get a known entity. But that means a Richards with a already agreed contract extension or a Nash (that ain’t gonna happen). Parise is not viable for this.

    Big game Monday, gotta beat the Wings to show we’re for real.



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