Sunday 6:30 PST. No trade. No news. Not the no news is good news type. Just no news. Every hour that passes means it is less likely a major deal is going down. Absent one side caving in at the last minute (it could happen), the psychology of negotiations tells me opposing team(s) are still asking for X (Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn, something Dean Lombardi is unwilling to surrender) and our general manager is still saying no. Unlike negotiations that begin and end with money, where the two sides can often meet in the middle, there is rarely a “middle” with assets. There is need, present value (based on past performance and the present condition / health of that asset) and future value (based on past performance and future promise).

Lombardi intends to fill a present need. He is willing to give up a certain measure of present value or that of future. He is likely unwilling to give up both (an important roster player) or the greatest of future value (Schenn) the LA Kings have for that present need. The sole exception to that will be equal present and future value for another. That would be a very special player coming this way. Those are called true “hockey” trades like you have seen between the St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanche and, to a lesser extent, Dallas Stars and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Is there a player out there of that magnitude? Absolutely. At the 11th hour before the trade deadline? Heh heh. Let’s pick up this discussion in July my brothers and sisters of puck.

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  1. tick tock…. This waiting sucks.

  2. The Williams extention………….

    If Simmonds were playing everynight with better players and see’s more powerplay time, and more of a offensive role, he would be nearing or at 20 goals this season
    This is not just my opinion, this is and has been the view of many teams thoughout the NHL

    Why else is he the hot commodity when trades with the Kings are disscussed???
    Brayden Schenn’s stock went up after this years juniors, No team minus Toronto, had him as great return in a potential trade with the Kings

    Do you strike when the iron’s hot and improve?

    NO>>>>>we give a pay raise to a guy that used to be a 30 goal scorer, may have reached 20, but how long did it take, and how much did we pay him so he could finally get ” almost back” to full form. 3.65 mil per season? made 3.5 mil, what makes Justin Williams a better player NOW????????

    I know, I know economy, inflation, not much of a pay raise, But it is a raise to a Guy who HAS and HAD to play his ass off, or he’d be just another veteran slowed and stiffled by injuries.

    The season is far from over, and Willie could get hurt again, or hit 30 goals.

    Seems to me Sturm was just another Williams, but we didn’t have the time or patience to deal with right now….

  3. Let’s look at some recent trades and see who we have that could have matched, and if you like.

    Our second round pick for Brad Boyes…….hmmm, maybe add Harrold to persuade an inter-conference trade, Now Boyes vs Williams…..
    ( Eric Johnson & Jay McClement )
    Jack Johnson and Trevor Lewis for Chris Stewart and Shattenkirk…….inter-conference, not a problem….we have a sweeter deal to Colorado 2 former first rounders for 2…are we better??

    Alexei Kovalev for a seventh rounder conditional……would we have overpaid??

    ( Ryan Carter & 5th round pick )
    Peter Harrold & 5th round pick for Cory Stillman…….last season DL paid Purcell & a 3rd for Jeff Halpern , and with the Williams signing, reuniting him with Stillman for a playoff run, couldn’t be worse than our 2010 deadline deal.

    DL has let the deadline beat him instead of getting a deal……it’s not over, but it’s frustrating

  4. Back to Boyes vs Williams

    Both have scored in bunches at times, both have slumped at times

    Williams has a Stanley Cup, Boyes …….not much post season success, could that make him hungry?
    Boyes only 1, ONE, Uno game missed due to injury in his entire NHL career, Durable!!!!!!
    Sick hands, and Shot , larger body than Willie, right up TM’s alley.
    4 mil next season, Willy’s salary is right there.
    Dean-o missed the boat again………


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