“Oh my God, what if Dean gives up Simmonds for Hemsky, I don’t want to see Simmer go, aaaaagh!”

I know.

“What if we get Richards but he gives up Schenn and Richards walks in the summer aaaaagh!!!”

Surly and I understand

“What if he does nothing, we don’t improve, I want to get past the first round, aaaaagh!!!!”

We feel your pain.

“Booth, Penner, but for what? FOR WHAT I ASK? AAAAAGH!!!”

We are here to help.

Sit down. Relax. Lend me your ears.

The LA Kings are not going to win the Stanley Cup this season. Thus, any move the Kings make for a rental will not involve the core players on the roster or the top prospects. A solid talented rental will surrender pick(s) and low to mid level prospects. You won’t see Simmer go. You won’t see Schenn go. Lewis, Richardson, Teubert, Hickey, these are the types of players that are susceptible and even then, that is doubtful for someone who could walk in the summer. Dean Lombardi is not going to make the team better in the very short-term to make it worse in the mid-term.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy this ride. Let’s watch our boys cement their position in the top 8 and, addition at the deadline or not, get past the first round to hockey’s holiest pastures. GO KINGS!