I am thrilled. Thrilled beyond words. We wrote an article about acquiring Dustin Penner about a month ago and went into detail about his game and value in a Q&A with an Edmonton Oilers’ blogger. The trade is confirmed. We got him in exchange for Colten Teubert, a 1st round pick and a conditional pick (believed to be a 3rd rounder).

Mark this trade under “steal”. Colten Teubert may or may not ever be an NHL defenseman. He certainly has not shown anything worth talking about so far. He is slow, has questionable hockey sense but does bring a physical edge.

The real value here was the 1st rounder but the days of rebuilding are over. This team needed a scoring top six left wing now and we got him.

I have nothing but love for this trade. This is the player I wanted.

We wish the best for Colten and welcome Dustin Penner with wide open arms. GO KINGS!

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  1. I hope he has good chemistry with Kopitar…and if not, Smyth plays with Kopi, and I remember how well that was last year ;)

    Great trade!!

  2. I knew wearing my jersey to work today would pay off.

    Williams new contract.

    Penner is a King.

    Now we just need to clip the wings!

  3. This is a great trade! We gave an unproven asset, whom I wish the best to in his hockey career, and got a proven scorer for him. The Kings win this trade hands down. Dean Lombardi is a genius!

  4. Now the question is, does he play tonight? There is certainly time to get him over here from Edmonton, but I bet Murray wants him in practice first.

    • I checked the best air travel site in the world (ITA Software’s matrix — matrix.itasoftware.com) and there is NO way to get him here by game time tonight unless they charter a private jet. I’d do it, but….


      • Helene Elliott mentioned in her writeup that there are immigration issues to be worked out as well.

        We’ll have to wait until Thursday.

  5. This is an awesome trade!!!! Good job to DL for getting it done.

    I dont see him making it to LA by tonight though..

    • Probably not, but how cool would it be to see him lace up against the Wings? I have a feeling this is going to give Kopi one hell of a big boost.

      If he doesn’t play until Thursday, that won’t be bad either. Get to see a real top line LW on my Kings’ on my birthday :)

  6. AWESOME !!!!!!!

  7. Standing O from the KingNation13 household. Well done Deano!

    Huge, just huge for our Kings. No more excuses for Kopitar. This is the piece that should complete our true 1st line. This is the piece that should open space for Kopitar. This is the piece that makes up tough to beat down the stretch and in the play-offs.

    I’m with you guys, I want to see him play tonight.

    Happy Birthday Surly.

    Oh, I guess, I got my answer regarding Williams. It’s been an awesome day to this point. Let’s finish off this trifecta with a ass whooping of the Wings.

    Wish I could have a few beers and celebrate with all you cats.

  8. Good deal! Hope penner can build some Chem with kopi and both put pucks in net…
    Wish we wouldn’t give up our 1st round pick though… Why not 2nd and 5th together plus teubert… And by trading teubert it’s like trading a former first rd pick plus another 1st rd pick plus the conditional pick… Still bummed we traded up to get him and passed on picking Tyler Meyer who has been a beast for buffalo… Anyways… Muzzin passes teubert on depth anyways… Rather have muzz and voinov have greater chances to make it to LA… Wonder what roster number penner will wear since 27 is taken

  9. Can’t wait. I’ll be sure to get some pics of him asap! :D

  10. Where’s childishvermin at? This is exactly the kind of trade I’d like to see him down play. I could use a good laugh.

  11. This is Great news…….with Muzzin, Forbert & Deslaurier coming up….Teubert was the one going the wrong way…..we’ve got defensive D-Men with higher upsides coming.

    The first round pick could be a LATE rounder if it all pan’s out

    Don’t listen to Matthew Barry everyone……..He’s breaking things down to where it cost us 3 1st rounders for Penner…….

    The Beauty is that Dean-o has had more success in the later rounds of the draft, and with undrafted free agents, that the few ” not so good ” First rounders have been replaced by great 2nd’s, 3rd’s & later.

    Someone check coach Murray for skidmarks, and see if Jamie Kompon has a Dog Dick.

  12. Congrats to DL Contrat to us Fans on aquiring Dustin Penner.. I am excited on this! Penner has caught my eye throughout his carrer as he has played against us quite a bit. I went from feeling doom with losing Lokti for season and Stern( he is a decent player) right back to being
    upbeat with this Trade! We hear he is a good teamate, a good leader for the locker, and a decent guy overall.
    I think we Rocked this!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  13. Wow. Someone just reminded me that I called this trade in August of last year. Read the last paragraph of this article.


  14. Nice call Scribe.

    I actually liked the way we played, for the most part, last night. Solid effort in my view. Things just didn’t bounce our way, happens sometimes.

    One thing I’d like to mention, though, Kompon and the boys need to watch tape of the Wings PP. Did you all see how nobody stood still on the man advantage. Constant movement and rotation. It’s not a difficult concept to understand. Movement opens up space. Please, boys, learn from the best.

    On to our next victory.

    • I missed most of the L.A. game, but caught some of the Duck game, and what was cool to see on the PP was how the structure of the power play would grow or shrink in size. They kept it big and spaced out while recovering the puck and gaining control of the puck, passed it around a bit, and then BAM! they moved the puck down low and players collapsed towards the net/slot area.

  15. I felt the Kings didn’t stick to their game and got burned (plus a shaky goal tending).

    The Kings passing and control is not accurate enough to play that quickly. One muffed pass and its across ice, in your zone and in the net. Those guys are good.

    The Kings needed to grind the Wings, not try to skate with them.

    Your right about that power play. One man at each corner of the net moving in and out. No problem finding cross ice seams.

    Next adventure, Phoenix….with Penner.


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