Tonight’s the night boys and girls.

Tonight we get to see the Kings’ final answer to the first line LW problem.

Tonight we get to see what Kopitar can do with a real talent.

Tonight we find out if all the holes are filled.

Tonight we shall decide if Penner is the right one.

Tonight we kill the Phoenix Coyotes.

Of course, though we will all be eager to pile on opinions, observations and conclusions about Dustin Penner, tonight is also only one game.  At least in terms of Penner.  In terms of the Kings, it’s more than one game.  It’s two games.

This late in the season, divisional games become 4 point affairs.  Win tonight, and swing the pendulum further in our favor in the climb to the top of the Pacific Division.  Lose and put yourself two games in the hole.  Win and we tie Phoenix for 2nd in the division and either stay 6 points behind or inch to only 4 points back of 1st place San Jose, pending the outcome of their game against Detroit tonight.  Lose and we fall 4 points behind Phoenix and potentially 8 behind San Jose.  Either way we are losing our single game in hand on Anaheim, who as it stands are only a lone point behind us as we precariously hold on to 8th place in the West.

So no, tonight is not just one game.

It is a must win.

As most of them will be from here on out.


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3 replies

  1. no pressure, of course.

  2. I don’t expect Rome to be built in a day.

    but it would be nice.

    Expectations will be the reality. Bad showing and fans will condemn, instant chemistry and fans will applaud.


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