Thought you would enjoy this. The boys at the Province’s Kurtenblog did a Q&A with me about the LA Kings. Topics included the Penner trade, Dustin Brown, Quick v. Bernier, Willie Mitchell’s performance, the playoffs and more.

The link is here: Surly & Scribe talk puck with Kurtenblog

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  1. Nice interview.

    To add one thing is the reemergence of Smyth who looked like he ran out of gas about the start of that disastrous home stand and returned to form about five games ago.

    Through he did keep scoring via deflections in front to me it seemed his open ice, board and defensive play suffered during that period.

  2. Hopefully the Canucks will bust out of their slump for this afternoon’s game. Should be a good one!

  3. Great interview guys – you have a style that is unique and full of energy, not to mention deeply informed – it reflects well on all of us Kings fans. Thanks for that.

    Today’s game with the Canucks will be huge (as usual – this race in the Western conference will cause a lot of hockey fans to lose their minds!). I’m expecting Bernier in net because of his fantastic game against Phoenix, and I’m hoping we can start putting more pucks in the net. It will be early for margaritas with that 1pm start, but the Kings drove me to drinking early months ago!

    Go Kings go!


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