That is what we call a rhetorical question. I won’t belabor this but I am willing to go out on a limb here and say we are soon going to see an LA Kings‘ first line of Ryan Smyth-Anze Kopitar-Justin Williams and a second line of Dustin Penner-Jarret Stoll-Dustin Brown.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. Terry Murray is very predictable and this is the only measured response he has ever had to a poorly played game. It may happen before the next game. I hope I am wrong. We shall see.

Regarding the game, I have slowly watched Anze Kopitar turn into a grinder. Until yesterday’s match against the Vancouver Canucks, I have been in denial but studying him yet again hang around the perimeter, refuse to take the puck to the net on a rush but elect to skate behind it and play his forward position back and away from the high percentage scoring areas (hash marks, between the circles whether low or high) has led to the conclusion that a combination of Terry Murray’s system and Anze Kopitar’ s unwillingness to go to the hard areas have stunted his maturation and development. It’s a shame really. Big skilled centers with speed and soft hands don’t grow everyday on NHL trees. Ours has been reduced to something different. I hope that too will change. GO KINGS!

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  1. Nope, Murray is finally going with my suggested lines:


    • Sure, that could be as well. That is certainly “safer” and he may not have the stones to make the other move but it seems you agree with me that he is changing lines yet again.

  2. There you go. I just read he changed the lines. You could set your watch to Terry Murray.

  3. How about changing up the PP lines, Murray? That is where you need speed and creativity.

    1st unit:



    Handzus is way too slow to play the dump and hope PP system. It is just an easy clear when he is on the forecheck, especially when paired with Smyth.

  4. I can see that line combination and it could be ok.
    Ad for Kopi alliance did is scream shoot.l, shoot Kopi at the friggin televisionmost of the game! I know I am not in the ice so therefore do not see as they do, nut for God’s sake ..shoot the mother!
    JJ was holding back too it seemed.
    Aahhh..and damn it DO NOT pull the goalie at the end If the PP has not been working. Automatic goal for opposition.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. Why does Lombardi put up with this crap ???

  6. Re Kopi, not only is it behind the net every single time. It is *always* cross the blue line aligned with the goal mouth, swing right, sweep behind the net with one hand on the stick. If I’m a opposing Dman, I head right to the back of the net and just wait for him to come around at which point I level him with a shoulder to the chest.


  7. Murray must go! The Kings are a better team than last year yet are performing worse. Watching Kopitar stagnate the powerplay for the entire miserable season has been painful! Murray changes every line combination except the most odvious. The players have executed his system all year. The results= good defensive stats, horrible offense and barely clinging to a playoff spot. If it weren’t for Quick, they would be fighting for first pick in the draft. Murray must go!


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