1. Name the last Stanley Cup winning team with a poor and inconsistent power play and 5 on 3.

2. Name a post lockout Stanley Cup winning team that relied on a cycle along the boards – to the point as its offensive system.

3. Are Anze Kopitar, Justin Williams, Dustin Brown, Jarret Stoll, Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson excellent skaters? If yes, is speed really lacking in our top 6 forwards or top 4 defense or does our system stifle speed?

4. Are Anze Kopitar, Dustin Penner, Justin Williams, Jarret Stoll, Dustin Brown and Ryan Smyth a top 6 line on 25 out of 30 NHL teams out there? If yes, are the problems really with the forwards’ skill level or does the system suppress offensive skill?

5. Are Drew Doughty, Jack Johnson, Willie Mitchell and Rob Scuderi a top 4 defensive group on 25 out of 30 NHL teams? If yes, are the problems really with the defensive core?

6. Is Jonathan Quick a legitimate number 1 goalie on 25 out of 30 NHL teams? If so, is the problem goaltending?

Last question…

7. When the LA Kings’ players do what the coaches ask and the offense and powerplay still consistently fail, is it execution by the players or the system to which they must adhere the problem?

Just questions. You decide.

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  1. Question 8: How long can Lombardi, McGowan Leweike, and Anschutz look past the obvious? Will nobody in the organization realize the emperor has no clothes?


  2. There it was again last night. Jim Fox using the word “predictable” to describe the offense, and blocked shot after blocked shot.

  3. Highlight of the night…….Cliffords celebration with section 114…….almost had a second goal too, welcome back Cliffy!!!!!!

    He could have skated the puck deep
    He could have dumped it behind the net
    He could of pulled up and waited for the point man

    He Didn’t!!!!! Caught Dallas expecting our usual non-sense, translated into a goal.
    Honorable mention goes to Trevor Lewis, who played with playoff intensity all night.

  4. Question 9: When was the last time Ryan Smyth played a full season, should Coach Murray give him some off time or rest? Does Ryan Smyth look ready for this all or nothing stretch run or even the playoff’s?

  5. Answer 1: None in my lifetime

    Answer 2: Post lockout……Wings and Ducks had better offensive D-men, but when their top forwards were out there, nothing was predictable. 3rd & 4th lines worked the puck to Lidstrom, Rafalski, Neidermeier & Pronger, to Quarterback…..they rarely missed the net, but could get you with a fake shot / pass, etc……We’re expecting Mitchell, Scuds, Greene and our Rookie Martinez to contribute offensively????? Johnson and Doughty are less than 50% getting the puck on net, maybe with the 4 afformentioned D-men it could work?

    Answer 3: Dump and Chase requires speed…..No we are not Great skaters. Most of these players are planting their feet stickhandling, instead of moving the puck. Lewis & Richie can skate!!!!! Voynov can really skate!!!!! Maybe we should have a Defence of 6 Offensive D-men, so our chances of winning improve………” WINNING”

    Answer 4: 100% yes……I think the Monarchs could replace the Kings current roster and preform at the same level given their current system, the only difference would be Murray banished all the small guys to Manchester, so we may get pushed around a bit.

    Answer 5: Yes……Coach Stevens doing a great job, wings dropping the ball on the breakout, so that’s Kompon again. Not sure if Mitchell is part of the ” CORE ” yet…..Greener is, but is Greener top 4? If you replaced Mitchell, Scuds & Greener with Voynov, Hickey & Muzzin, how bad are we defensively? How much better WOULD our current Offensive system work?

    Answer 6: DUH, Winning!!! Can’t win games scoring 1 goal, Put Quick on the Block and see what team doesn’t give up a ransom for him…..Next question please

    Answer 7: Penner aleady looks frustrated, Kopi is a shell…..Poor execution last night for sure, but then Mitchell scores and that goal justifies 58min of continued failure. Back in line for the Kool-aid

  6. I’ve had a lot of conversations with fans, and it always comes down to system or players. Like politics, the existance of God, the existance of Aliens, everybody takes one side or the other. There’s always compelling arguements either way.

    I happen to believe that system has everything to do with it, but find myself spinning wheels trying to explain it to those who believe that it isn’t system it’s players (or lack there of). TM is one of those that believes it’s players, so refuses to change the system to adapt to situations on the ice, and instead puts the owness on the players to fight through it.

    Maybe both play a roll ultimately, but I doubt it. Philosophy is the key, and I credit Murray for his strong beliefs, but he’s dead wrong in his basis.

  7. 1) not us
    3) yes they are yes they are being stifled
    4)yes top six.. yes being stifled
    5)yes top 4 problem not with D core
    6) yes top goalie.. no problem not with Goaltending

  8. I found it interesting at the insider this morning that a couple of fans actually came up with the answers to #1 on a totally unrelated post. Blackhawks last year and The Penguins when they won it. Supposed to be working so I’ll have to check that later.


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