I love Canadiens.

Unlike their American counterparts who cheer, boo and release their emotions at the arena or opposing fans’ faces, our Canadien brothers call the police.

We have seen this before.

Winnipeg man wants the Jets back.

Montreal Canadiens’ fans took offense to the Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty that may have ended his season. The hit resulted in a penalty but no supplemental discipline. How offended were Canadiens’ fans?

Montreal Canadiens’ fans are morons.

That offended.

I love Canadiens.

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  1. That injury was awful. C spine fracture and concussion. May be career ending. That spot along the boards where those aluminum posts are has always been dangerous.

  2. I have a soft spot for all USA hockey players, even the one’s donning ” HABS” colors!!!

    Former 1st round pick out of Connecticut, Please let the hockey Gods bring you back stronger.

    With all the drama unfolding, both comic and obsurd. I hope this young man gets to once again, follow his dream…..Maybe he’ll reward us in 2014 with a gold.

  3. Getting the cops involved is totally laaame. Only in Habsville…It’s over, move on.

    Not that I’m glad the guy got hurt. Pretty shitty on Chara’s part.

  4. The hit looked similar to that of JJ on Smyth couple seasons ago. The league has to do something about those partitions but it wasn’t a hit to the head or anything like that. Unfortunate but not warranting a suspension or anything like that imo.

    I can’t believe people called the cops lol!


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