We have all had the occasional movement. Home, jobs, the next day after a rough evening of drinking. Each likely came out of necessity. The LA Kings’ movement is no different.

From Hammond:

It’s raining in Detroit today, but are the Kings putting away their umbrella? After today’s morning skate, Terry Murray indicated that the Kings will shake up their power play a bit tonight, going away from their traditional “umbrella” look and toward a style with more movement. It will be interesting to see how notable the changes are on the ice. After a 5-for-19 stretch on the power play, the Kings went 0-for-10 with the man advantage in their last two games. The Kings enter the game ranked 19th in the NHL in power-play efficiency, while Detroit ranks 16th in penalty-kill efficiency.

MURRAY: “We are changing it up, the one group with (Anze) Kopitar and (Drew) Doughty and Jack (Johnson). We’re going to change the setup in the offensive zone. I think you get to a point, sometimes, where change is very important. You get stale. You’re getting stationary, often, when you get so used to one setup. It’s a power-play look that I used years ago, when I was coaching in Florida. It’s a change. It gets the puck in different people’s hands. There’s more movement in it, and it gets you thinking. To me, with where we are right now, we’re a team that’s looking to make the automatic play all the time. You’ve got to get some thought back into it.”

Change that doesn’t involve line shuffling? Movement on the powerplay, eliminating the stationary set up along the half boards? Has Terry been reading our site? You may think I am shocked. I am not. I remain dubious. I have heard this type of talk from Terry Murray before. Here is the link to Terry Murray, The Big Tease before the season even started. Let me know when you are done reading and read the whole thing, including the links within the article…it’s important to see what he previously represented…I’ll wait…

See what I mean?

Am I encouraged? Sure. Do I believe he will do it? Yes, in the beginning, but when it doesn’t bring immediate results (the damn lighting in a bottle psychology that pervades nearly all of his changes), will it right back to the same old tired system?

Time will tell…in fact, the time is 4:30pm today. Grab a couple of beers. Should be fun to watch. GO KINGS!