The LA Kings wanted to move on the powerplay. Move the feet. Move the puck. Move around. I liked it.

We saw chemistry develop between Dustin Penner, Anze Kopitar and Justin Williams. It moved me.

Anze actually moved his feet…though still not enough. If we could attach an electro shock system to his ass each time he coasts after crossing the blue line, I would pay for it.

More than any other player, Jonathan Quick was the superstar this night. He moved it lateral and made a few moving upward and out of my seat kind of saves.

At the end of it all, I, like you, had a movement when the ends of my lips turned upward into a big fuck you to Detroit smile.

We are in 7th place. Let’s make like the Jeffersons and keep moving on up. GO KINGS!

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  1. Hahahaha, love the video. I watched the whole damn thing. What do you think that say’s about me? Don’t answer, I already know. :)

  2. That they were able to take that game from Detroit like that, in Detroit’s barn, speaks volumes about where this team can head if they put their minds and collective will to it. I didn’t get to see all of the game, but did see the Kopitar goal, fed from Penner, and it was nice to see the play come away from the wall going to the net. Quick is also coming into his own at just the right time of the season, and I’m starting to feel like the Kings are ready to make a big push into the post season.

  3. It was a Great game.. a thrilling game!! So happy for the guys.. they can have pride it that one..
    they were moving.. they were forchecking and backchecking and had their sticks going..
    when they play like this they are a Force to be reckoned with..
    If I could change just one thing I would put Poni on the line with Clifford and Lewis.. I
    really like that trio together.. And I think Poni has finally stepped up.. looks comfortable and is contributing.. and I say all this with a prejudice against him for the position he came to fill.
    Kopi, Penner, and Williams are just going to explode once they get their chemistry together..
    you can feel it.. right through the television! Exciting Times :-D


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