First, he acknowledges after 3/4 of the season that the powerplay is too stationary and needs movement to the LA Kings’ fan base collectively cheering and now, despite Jonathan Quick’s stellar performance in goal against the Detroit Red Wings, tells Hammond he is putting in Jonathan Bernier in the next game against Columbus. The latter is especially important to avoid burning Quick out by overworking him before the playoffs like Terry Murray admittedly did last season.

I am impressed.

This is very unlike him.

A coach who deserves accolodates for what he has done with the Kings’ defense and teaching a sound defensive system from the first line forwards to the fourth and through every defenseman is now making sound and logical decisions on the offensive and goaltending side of things. That’s a coach that is…gasp…adapting. If he keeps this up, some of the gray hairs he has given me over the past three seasons may actually turn black again.

Go Terry Murray and GO KINGS!

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  1. Change is good. Change is necessary. Hopefully he hasn’t filled his quota for the year.

  2. I’m ok with it. Bernier is solid and you got rest Quick IMO. Playoffs are not too far off.


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