Loved it.

This game and last, the LA Kings have looked like a different team. Feet moving on the powerplay, quick tape to tape passes and, with limited exceptions, nothing stood stationary along the half boards. Even when they did not convert, the team had quality scoring chances. Add an already solid defense and a surging number two goaltender in Jonathan Bernier and LA Kings’ fans received a bag of late (or early) treats thanks to Anze Kopitar’s hat trick.

Analysis be damned. That was just fun. The boys looked loose on the bench, talking and laughing. Our first line of Dustin Penner – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams gelled for another game and are starting to look dangerous each time they step on the ice. Even Drew Doughty made your heart drop for a second straight game…I wasn’t worried at all by the way.

Are you excited yet?

The grit? You want to talk about the grit? I don’t…fine…

Kevin Westgarth got into a fight with Jared Boll in the third period. Pretty sure Westy won. That’s great. Unfortunately, he all but neutralized Kyle Clifford for most of the game. Very frustrating. Get Brad Richardson back in there.

Hey boys and girls, we finally got a left wing. So, I ask again…you excited yet? GO KINGS!

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  1. Shoot, I just posted on the other thread when you put this up. Hope you don’t mind if I re-post it here.

    Hooray for Kopitar, cheers to another PP goal and a golf clap to the entire team for another hard fought victory.

    Folks, you saw a glimpse of what #11 can do when he decides to “get dirty” and involve himself around the net in the offensive zone. Kopitar, please “Ground Hog Day” that game for the rest off the year, no, the rest of your career. Do you see, son, how hard work can pay off for you. That crazy fluke pass that hit the tape of your stick, for the third goal was a “reward’ for the great efforts in which you were displaying. Nicely done, young, sir!

    Two PP play goals, two wins. I’m feeling really good right now on how things are developing.

    Murray and Kompon, it took you way to long to address certain offensive aspects, but as they say, ” better late than never.” Thank you from all of us for making a few offensive adjustments.

    Wow, did you see the 2-1 with Williams and Penner? I’m still smiling. That my friends is what skill looks like and it was beautiful. We all know the last couple years, the odd man rush hasn’t been a strong point of ours, but the 4th goal yesterday was outstanding.

    Dallas is ours. We play our game, they have no chance.

  2. Unfortunately the last 2 games weren’t offered in San Diego county. Damn KCOP, and Prime ticket games. Sunday will be my first look at the power play since they changed it, so I’m hoping to be impressed with what I see, since for the most part fans are positive about what they’ve seen so far.

  3. That was a great game last night. It’s clear to see what the injection of a quality left wing and a few offensive adjustments has made with this team. They are becoming less predictable to play against, and couple that with the stellar goaltending from the Jonathans, and we are going to be a very tough team to play against come playoff time. GO KINGS GO!!!!

  4. We live and die by our Boys. Sure is nicer to go to work after a W.
    I still say why not put Ponies with Clifford and Lewis, Richie with Zues and Simmer.
    These are exciting times indeed.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. It’s nights like these that make me miss the Kopitarians.

    • Our Kopitar, who art number eleven
      Hallowed be thy game
      Thy Kings we follow,
      Thy game we support
      At Staples, and arenas abroad
      Give us this day, oh mighty center
      And forgive us for our doubters
      as we forgive those that doubt you
      And lead us not into the cellar
      but deliver us the Stanley Cup
      For Thine is a King,
      a forward, and a superstar
      forever and ever, amen.

      • Good thing you don’t have any restrictions on religeon. You might have had to delete your own prayer. LOL

  6. Cute Scribe! he deserved some allocades afer that preformance..
    Kingnation.. nice read..did you all see the comaradery on the bench.. our Boys are
    happy! Think Kopi is getting good emotional supprot from Pens!! I am just so happy
    that he is now a KING.. hope he is happy to be here..
    Living, dying, and Always Loving our Kings!

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Does it really matter?

    Kopitar will once again choke in the playoffs.

  8. Anze really did it with that one. Let’s hope he can carry it on in the playoffs. That guy has hockey skills like woah!


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