First, I was like this…

Here comes 2 points baby!

Then, like this…

What the F****!

And with 20.8 seconds left…


The LA Kings beat the Dallas Stars 3-2, have 83 points, jump over Dallas and the Chicago Blackhawks and are in fourth place. Michal Handzus (Zeuuuus!) played hero with exceptional honorable mention to Alexei Ponikarovsky (who also played a role in the first goal) and Wayne Simmonds for that all balls, no quit shift at the end after the Stars tied the goal with 42.1 seconds remaining. It is a tribute to this team’s surging confidence level and what I must attribute to the new powerplay offensive system, which capitalized again this game, as well as the continued and consistent team defense.

Drew Doughty had the team’s first goal. Dustin Penner had the LA Kings’ second, which was all “finish” and catapulted me into the air…Kings’ fans have missed that at the first line left wing position for what feels like forever and a season.

As a side note, that cherry picking son of a bitch Brad Richards can find another home in the east over the summer.

Three points into the playoffs…three points out of first place in the division behind the San Jose Sharks. Gotta love the Western Conference.

We earned two points tonight and gave the Dallas Stars nothing. SCREAM IT! GO KINGS!

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13 replies

  1. GO KINGS GO!! God that was the best final minute of hockey I have seen in a long long time!

  2. F*** YEEEAAAAH! That’s got to be one of the funniest thing you’ve put on here. The pictures with the closed captions for the handicapped captured the emotions perfectly.

  3. up yours dallas we played a near perfect game to let this get away.

  4. this team has a swagger about them trust me

    this team is starting to develop a swagger about them

  5. Holy shit, what team have I been watching the last couple games. Woooo-Hooooo!!

    There you go my fellow die-hards, 3 PP goals, 3 wins. Just as I mentioned a couple days ago, it’s about momentum and attitude. And those “breaks” I was talking about has happened the last two games with Kopitars breakaway and the last second heroics today. Ya baby!

    I was really confident Penner would make a difference but I didn’t think he would fit soooo perfectly. Way to go Penner. What a impact he’s had already. He looks like he’s enjoying himself as well.

    Keep it up Kopitar, you’re showing your true potential now. Proud of you. Consistency, my son is the true trait of a star. Keep moving forward, young man you’re doing well.

    Way to battle Kings.

  6. here we come san jose . this year belongs to us

  7. Bobby, you are just too funny :-).

  8. As I watched the post game interview yesterday, with the hair and beard, it dawned on me that Handzus looks like Jesus…

  9. Kopitar indeed looked awesome.

    so does Murray keep rotating Bernier and Quick?

  10. You know what, there is a resmbelance there. Maybe Scribe’s praying to the wrong player. :)

  11. The Kings will meet the same dreaded fate of the 300 spartans of history’s past.

  12. I’ve been surprised in Pony’s play thus far for the Kings. As a Pens fan, it was hard to watch him struggle so much last season. This season it seems like we’re seeing his more aggressive, physical side, which has certainly paid dividends for him and the Kings. Great hockey blog, keep up the nice work.


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