Having a real life talented first line left wing in Dustin Penner? Check

Anze Kopitar coming alive as a result? Check

Continuing to play excellent team defense? Check

Drew Doughty looking like a star again? Check

Jonathan Quick playing great? Check

Jonathan Bernier playing just as well? Check

Our head coach Terry Murray and/or powerplay coach Jamie Kompon having a mini lobotomy (I say this with love) and realizing that standing around on the perimeter is not conducive to scoring goals? Check

Sweeping a four game road trip? Check

Making the playoffs, going deep and giving us cause to raise our fists in the air and scream GO KINGS?

 ….do you believe? GO KINGS!

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  1. yes, yes…. I BELIEVE!

  2. Making the playoffs, going deep and giving us cause to raise our fists in the air and scream GO KINGS?

    CHECK !

    GO KINGS GO!!!!

  3. Think they’re firing on all cylinders. No one could have expected then to respond to that home stand like they did. This is among the two best Kings Teams since Pulford!

    One comment on Doughty, it appears players are working consistently to beat him on the inside and some are succeeding.

    Nothing more satisfying then telling the Flat Screen “FU Dallas”!

  4. Amen, brother! GO KINGS GO!

  5. Hey Scribe’s,
    Just wondering. You’ve posted the last 12 articles. Surley O.K.? or just busy?

  6. Anyone thinking about playing in the Poker tournament? I’m going to join action and hopefully wipe the floor with a few Duck fans.

  7. If you’ve ever tried to saddle up a pink elephant…

    If you’ve ever tried to plant your tongue on the clit of a mermaid…

    If you’ve ever seen trails in the wake of raindrops that fall in sparkling puddles on the sheets of Jeanne Moreau’s guest bed…

    Then I think the time is now, as good as any, to get your hopes up.

    Go deep!

    Raise fists!


    Mediocrities of the world, I absolve you.

  8. You know when I look at this team, I believe our boys can go far and win it all this year. I believed last year that the Canucks were the most talented team in the league heading into the post season, and the Kings were a bit unlucky drawing them in the first round. Comparing this Kings’ team to the last Kings’ team, it really brings hope.

    Improvements from last year:
    1. Last year Jon Quick was burned out and performing badly the last few weeks and playoffs. This year if he didn’t suffer a couple blowouts to deflate his already impressive numbers, he would be among the top 3 Vezina trophy candidates. Quick is going to be much improved in the playoffs.
    2. Our defense outside of the first 2 pairing was pathetic and constantly taken advantage of by Vigneault in his line matchups. Michell and Martinez are a tremendous improvement over O’Donnell and Jones respectively.
    3. While the offense is not that much better, I believe 5 v. 5 they are an improvement over the squad we had last season.
    4. Penalty Kill – Isn’t even a comparison – This year’s squad is so much better than last year’s squad – and they work harder too.
    5. Justin Williams – 10 times more dangerous than he was last year coming off a horrific ankle injury. (I don’t believe he’s going to be a healthy scratch this time around.)

    The only area where we have regressed heading into the playoffs is the power play. I’m not of the thinking that this road trip has answered any questions long term, but it certainly gave me hope that they won’t be completely useless with the man advantage heading into post season. You can also make the argument that the second line is not as potent as last year. But they’re streaky, and are always a threat to contribute.

    Bottom line: I really like our chances no matter who we match up with.

    • Wow, they certainly made me look like an ass tonight. I hope they have a better showing against the Ducks.

  9. Wow, they were checked out and out checked tonight. And Murray was disappointed in the fans for booing…did he watch the same game we did?



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