If you watched the game, you know that I don’t need to write a thing. From the first line to the last, from the suits on the bench to the players on the ice, from goaltending to defense to the morons in the crowd who booed this team, tonight was an utter failure. A failure to prepare the team, the failure of a team to play with anything that resembled talent and drive, a failure of the fan base that did nothing to support our boys and lift them up but rather chose to give Bronx cheers and boos. If you were one of them, hang your head in shame. You just booed your hockey team that picked itself up from potentially missing the playoffs, became one of the best teams in the league from January forward and just came off a four game road trip and win streak. If you expect this team to play well each night, then you’re new to hockey. Some games, the team won’t have it. It happens. It’s your job to lift them up, scream, cheer, start the chants, and not behave like a bunch of spoiled little brats with too much to drink and not enough brain between the ears.

So, we laid an egg.

Shit happens boys and girls.

Quick had one of his worst performances this season on and after that second goal. I have no words for the third. The fourth…well, he just missed it. Terry should have pulled him after the third goal. The team as a whole was disjointed especially on the zone entries. There was no net presence. Kyle Clifford got tagged. Kevin Westgarth won his fight, whoop dee fucking doo, if he never plays another game, I am content. He single-handedly makes an entire line useless.

Despite this, I know one thing and one thing I am certain of – whether you lose 4-0 or 2-1, it’s still a loss and the only thing that matters now is the next game. The Ducks are coming to town. I’m angry and I’m hungry. I like my flesh raw, feathers and all. I am going into Saturday’s game eyes red and looking for a fight…the wife and kid are staying home. GO KINGS!

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  1. Well said Zad…er um…Bobby. Its just one loss. Forget about it and get ready for our next opponents.


  2. Hey, I booed in that 3rd period. I’m the first to stand, cheer and applaud when they play hard — win or lose. But this was not playing hard; this was flat out awful from suit and sweater wearers alike as you pointed out. I’m going to let them know my Pride and Passion are not blind faith. I’m a fan not a sycophant.

    They’ll be better Saturday and I’ll be cheering them again and just as loudly as ever.

    • If the collective crowd had the chants going when the team was struggling, it could have helped. Booing is like yelling. It only makes the actor feel better. Still love u though

  3. I can’t see blaming the players. Every aspect of the game was well scouted out. The kings were stopped in every single aspect of the game, from line changes to forechecking. There wasn’t a single aspect that wasn’t exposed negatively. Scuderi tried to take the blame by putting fourth the ridiculous notion that some how all the players slumped at the same time.

    The Booing didn’t bother me, but fans complaining because TM was upset about it (even though he didn’t actually say anything wrong) was depressing.

    Also as soon as Cliffy got hurt, fans started saying that’s why we need Westy in the line up. Bless their hearts, and good intentions, but you know what? Westy was in the line up tonight and Cliffy still faught, and got hurt. so Westy didn’t deter anything there. One thing that did happen is that with Cliffy out Westy played even more.

    Overall I think tonight happened because the Kings had the day off when they came back home, and didn’t scout St.Louis out properly. St.Louis scouted the Kings out and they executed their game plan perfectly. I hope the Kings coaching staff knows what to expect from the Ducks and will be ready, because the Ducks will be ready for the Kings.

  4. I was watching the game at home and when the Second period ended did not realize what US Fans had done. When Kings Live came on(yes I still watch even after a horrible game because I am a true fan) I heard Foxie and P. Oneill talk about the booing and I was APPALLED!
    If you are a Sports fan you should realze no one is more down about playing poorly then the players themselves. I was embarassed for the Fans with their no class disrespect. Yes I was frustrated by the game, but you still need to support your team.
    As for Westgarth, I have said All year there is no place on this team for him, as he brings no skill set, and he negates the forth line from accomplishing any good play. The few acceptions are when Lewis and Clifford are on the play themselves. Even Ivanians has better skating ability (hope he recovers from his concussion has been a very long time for him).
    And Cliffy.. oh I hope it wasn’t too bad and the trainers were just being cautious. I really like him. And I have said this before, I wish they would put Poni on that line and put Richie with Zeus.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. Booing- For me, it has to do with context. I don’t usually do it, though. Last night I was a little shocked to hear the crowed booing. We have been playing great and just finished a wonderful road trip, in which we moved into 4th place, so in context why are we booing?

    I have no problem, say, booing our PP before we made certain changes, because dammit, it needed to be booed. I didn’t mind the boo-birds when our team fell into that awful funk earlier in the year, because they were horrible and needed to be booed. Last night I did not boo.

    Bad games occur, and I’m ok with that.

    I will say, it’s a good sign when booing occurs after a single bad outing….we have much higher expectations of our boys and organization than in years past. That’s a plus, right?

    Does JB start next game? I’m Quick’s biggest fan, but he was unrecognizable in the second half of the game last night. Sometimes I think Quick is near-sighted. He seems to have a hard time picking up longer shots at times. Have any of you noticed that before or is that me just making excuses for him?

    Anyway, on to the fowl, where victory will be ours.

    • I said this somewhere else and should of added it here as well. Quick was under seige and was bound to break down himself. He was doing it out there all alone all game long and shouldn’t be blamed for any thing that happened last night. Confidence should still be high for Quick. By the time he gave up that 2nd goal the shots were 30 to 6. That is a 6 with no other numbers next to it. If the shots were 30 to 26 then maybe, no scratch that, not even then is that a sign of a goalie, not trying, or giving up.

      • I agree Dominick, he was getting peppered, but, the fact is, he had a bad game like everyone else. He started very strong and ended very weak. 3 of the 4 were pretty bad goals no matter how many shots he faced. He’s our number 1 guy and sometimes he’s going to get more work than usual, and he has to find a way to get it done, like he’s does on most nights. You can’t use that as an excuse.

        Also, accountability goes from the top to the bottom, coaches to players. They didn’t play well last night, the players, not the coaches, so ya to an extent we can blame the players. TM’s offense sometimes frustrates me but after losing 6 or 7 straight to this team, I’m sure they prepared accordingly. For some reason they have our number.

        No worries though, we will reload and claim another feathered critter.

        • Actually they had the day off. So they didn’t prepare at all. St.Louis sure did though. The shot totals don’t tell the whole story. They came at the Kings in waves. The 6 shots the Kings got were off from isolated players. The Blues attack was even harder than the shot totals give credit for. Quick’s pressure was from all angles, tracking multiple shooters and multiple players without the puck who were just as dangerous. If not for a nuber of blocked shots and deflected passes, Quick could have easily seen 60 shots.

          If the pressure wasn’t so intense I have no doubt that Quick would have taken over at some point, but the constant berrage of pressure left him frazzled, and ultimately exposed. The goals were easy enough to stop, but by the 3rd Quick was done.

          • I can’t argue with your assessment except at this level you don’t need to be on the ice to get prepared, We play this team 6-8 times a year, which along with film is plenty enough to adjust or make a game plan. This game was on the players. Good news, though, after tomorrow this will be an afterthought.

  6. thnx for the great write up. i’m with you – you don’t boo a team for one bad game.

  7. Some Boo’d, Others may have cheered, what’s done is done……laid an Egg….played like shit, it just got worse from the players to the fan’s, no excuses ….move on…….BUT

    As the team as a whole looked piss poor, there has been a consistent piss poor even through the 4 game epic road trip

    RYAN SMYTH, WTF??????? He may have been one of the few minus players the entire road trip, and was probably a minus player the few games leading into it. I said a month or so back ,that he has n0t played an entire season in quite some time, and may need some rest, to re-energize for the stretch and playoffs. He clearly has given up on plays in the defensive zone that resulted in goals, and keeps giving up in the offensive & neutral zone. Turnovers, bad passes this does not look good. Our veteran 6.25 mil second line left winger may be playing with the skill and awareness of Westgarth…….

    The Clifford Situation, leaves us with a Wasted 4th line now that Westgarth will be a sure dress every game…..IF the new rules apply, and I’m not 100% sure of the new mandates, Clifford may have 7 days to rest and re-test, then another 7……..regardless, With Richie in the line up, along side Lewis….the 4th line cooks. With Westie it’s only a turnover away.

    DEANO…….WHO’s been paying their dues in the minors as you’ve said, that can fill in the Clifford role, that isn’t coming up here to be another 1st line LW experiment.
    Clune? Zeiler?…….OR how about KING?????
    Maybe drop Smyth to the lesser minute 4th line until Cliffy get’s back, and bring up Moller or Holloway for some second line punch………Sounds drastic, but they may have some spark, if they’re not asked for 1st line promise.

    Bottom line is, Simmonds has been finding his game again, and he doesn’t need to take on the Clifford role during this stretch run……Westgarth IS a liability and a waste…..

    As Shitty as Our team looked last night, Westgarth still looked the Corn


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