If you watched the game, you know that I don’t need to write a thing. From the first line to the last, from the suits on the bench to the players on the ice, from goaltending to defense to the morons in the crowd who booed this team, tonight was an utter failure. A failure to prepare the team, the failure of a team to play with anything that resembled talent and drive, a failure of the fan base that did nothing to support our boys and lift them up but rather chose to give Bronx cheers and boos. If you were one of them, hang your head in shame. You just booed your hockey team that picked itself up from potentially missing the playoffs, became one of the best teams in the league from January forward and just came off a four game road trip and win streak. If you expect this team to play well each night, then you’re new to hockey. Some games, the team won’t have it. It happens. It’s your job to lift them up, scream, cheer, start the chants, and not behave like a bunch of spoiled little brats with too much to drink and not enough brain between the ears.

So, we laid an egg.

Shit happens boys and girls.

Quick had one of his worst performances this season on and after that second goal. I have no words for the third. The fourth…well, he just missed it. Terry should have pulled him after the third goal. The team as a whole was disjointed especially on the zone entries. There was no net presence. Kyle Clifford got tagged. Kevin Westgarth won his fight, whoop dee fucking doo, if he never plays another game, I am content. He single-handedly makes an entire line useless.

Despite this, I know one thing and one thing I am certain of – whether you lose 4-0 or 2-1, it’s still a loss and the only thing that matters now is the next game. The Ducks are coming to town. I’m angry and I’m hungry. I like my flesh raw, feathers and all. I am going into Saturday’s game eyes red and looking for a fight…the wife and kid are staying home. GO KINGS!