Sometimes, poetry yields to profanity.

Profane was Jack Johnson’s turnover.

Profane was the mental and stature challenged midget in stripes waiving off Alexei Ponikarovsky’s goal when Ponikarovsky was clear as crystal violently shoved into Ray Emery for everyone other than the white cane, no able fool to see. I enjoyed watching said fool one faceoff later view a couple of the six replays shown on the big screen as his incompetence projected to all in full display. Lest we also forget the clear trip of Wayne Simmonds everyone else observed in real time but was not called and the penalty Dustin Brown drew that should have been a penalty shot.

Profane was Terry Murray not learning after the 5th or 10th shift, end of first and second or at any other point in the game that our first line was mighty successful when on the ice against their second through fourth. Mighty as in dominating and in total control of the puck within the offensive zone. Just once I would like to see Murray out coach the suit on the other bench. Just once.

Profane, as my comrade Surly pointed out, is the end of the ice the LA Kings don’t shoot twice. Someone check the net or the goal inducing forces within because opponents have pillaged Jonathan Quick the last two games. Jonathan Bernier should start the next game.

Most profane was Corey Perry’s game winning goal in overtime which started with a sniper taking out Anze Kopitar at the other end.

This one stung. It vibrated from my heart to my lips until all I could bark was ****!! and then seek to relate to a knife wielding madman’s rage in search of rubber bullets.

To my Kings, I humbly wish not for more, but better. The season’s fate is firmly at the tip of your stick. Shoot to score. Seize the W with the night. GO KINGS!

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  1. Let’s add to the profane: TM insisting on giving Westgarth ice time. As usual he looked lost positionally and outright confused by the speed of the game. It was not until the late stages of the game that lines were shuffled to keep him off the ice. (Dropping Simmer down to the 4th line on several occasions — which suddenly looked fast…) I get the impression Cliffy injury may have been an eye injury which has progressed well — I hope so, we can’t play many more games with Westy on the ice and expect to compete for the division title.

    Next time we play the late game of a double header at Staples they should keep the Zamboni locked up at TSC before practice. It was embarrassing how badly we dealt with the bad ice while the *ucks seemed capable of handling it.. (Then again, they do skate on some of the worst ice in the NHL down there…)

    It was great when the showed John Ondrasick (SP?) on the board. Too bad 90% of the crowd did not understand the clip from Calgary…Why hasn’t he sung the anthem for us? I’d like to see that.

  2. Was a disappointing game. I am not sure I agree with you about Quick, he played well. Remember that he only gave up one goal in regulation which should be enough to win, esp. at home. Perry’s goal was a great shot.

    Offense was the issue here. A lot of powerplay opportunities. There was better than usual movement on the powerplay, but unable to score. And yes, that was a very shitty call that wiped out the goal the Kings scored.

    Clifford is a very important part of this team it looks like. I honestly don’t know where Westgarth fits in, but at least he does not take as many penalities as Ivanans did…

  3. I seem to be the only one who mentioned that Kopi got tripped on the last play of the game, over on the insider. He was trying to stop and Perrys’ stick caught his skate, and Kopi lost an edge. Perry went down the ice and finished off an out numbered attack by slapping it from about 40ft out. Some blamed Kopi, some blamed Quick, but I don’t blame either. Just another missed call.

    I usually don’t like to harp on how bad the officiating is, because I feel that if the Kings scored more goals, the Kings wouldn’t be in a situation where that call would of hurt us, but add the disallowed goal, and ensuing power play gift wrapping to take away momentum, and it sure made the Kings trek seem uphill.

    The Ducks had a number of out numbered attacks and some 2 on 1’s, but the Kings were resourceful in limiting the actual shots on goal. Over all I was satisfied with the Kings game last night. Not the outcome, but the effort.

    Next up Calgary, their strong defensive core, and Jerome Iginla.

  4. To be honest, the way things were panning out, I was happy with a point. I didn’t think we were ever going to score.

    I think Martinez(sp?) has quietly become our best point man on the PP. He is quick/decisive with his decisions and seems to be aware of what’s going on around him at all/most times. He also is the only one who seems to get the puck through and on net in a somewhat consistent basis. I’ve really enjoyed watching him grow throughout the year.

    I thought well played well and competed at high level. I likes our game. As Scribe mentioned above, “high and wide” seemed to be our downfall. Hopefully we can correct this defect and start hitting the bulls-eye.

    Great, great pass by Zues.

    Beside the OT goal, outstanding job by the Kings making the Ducks first line invisible. I like TM’s decision to match Kopitar’s line against the big line of Anaheim. Kopitar’s line helped make one of the best lines in the NHL irrelevant. Advantage Kings in my mind.

    Smyth has been struggling, but it’s hard for me to say anything negative about a old-school warrior. I have nothing but respect for that man.

    I think we should think about putting Williams back on the second line to distribute our talent a bit. I think Williams without question makes Smyth and Stoll better and more efficient players.

    Man, how important is the PP? We score, we win. We fail to bury one, depression follows. I like the fact they’re moving their feet, though. Hit the net and continue to rotate, and only good thins can happen, right?

    On to our next two points!

    • I’ve noticed Martinez single handedly taking the puck up ice more the last few games and attacking the way JJ, and DD do. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that trait be a trademark of how we develope all our puck moving defensemen from here on out. Having at least 1 puck mover who can skate the puck deep into the zone, per deffensive pairing, instead of just a puck mover who moves it up too the forwards quickly.

  5. Has Randy Jones been reincarnated.

  6. Thank you Quick.

    Thank you Stoll.

    Thank you Kopitar.

    Please, oh, please, Williams be ok.

    Nice win men.


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