I think Scribe did something with emoticons and Spartans or some nonsense not too long ago. I wouldn’t know, I apparently don’t read this goofy site you got here.

If memory serves, that post of Kings win past applies today as well.  However this is not that post.  Nor is it that game.  While it is a game that featured many expletives in all directions – some for the fans, some for the players, most for the refs – it is also a game in which the Kings could not stop their Western conference playoff hopeful foe from obtaining any  points. The Calgary Flames walk away with a point, not of their own merit, but rather a result of a plague that has infested the Kings throughout the season – the inability to go two shifts after scoring a goal without giving one up.

Am I complaining after a win?

Sort of.

Though my body welcomes the relief of Anaconda strength tension that came with the shootout win, courtesy of Glencross missing his shot attempt much in the same manner he missed his Midol, there is plenty to hem and haw about this Tuesday morning.

Gripe the first: As already mentioned, the Kings once again surrendered a goal within a minute of scoring their own.  This is getting ridiculous and is damn near systemic.  Sure, Johnson shoot be flogged for his play that shift, but to blame one player in this instance is to ignore a trend.  This is Terry Murray’s job, to isolate problems and fix them.  He has addressed this problem before, but apparently only in platitudes to the press.  Figure this shit out already.  Its getting on my nerves and in the playoffs where momentum is everything, the Kings absolutely must learn how to hold on to that precious ethereal force when they happen upon it.

Complaint the second: “Williams is not OK” is not OK.  So said Murray after last night’s game in regards to Williams leaving the ice clutching his arm after a seemingly innocent check along the boards.  Looks like his arm or shoulder is dislocated or broken.  In a sense we were lucky Williams’ managed to not be unlucky so long, but Williams being the cog that turns the wheel of any line he plays on makes his potential prolonged absence a very discomforting thought.

Bitch the third: The refs.  Two blatant cheapshots after the whistle go unpunished.  Granted, this is not solely the job of the refs.  The Kings have a responsibility to condemn any and all who take liberties with our players to punishment by clean check or fist.  Speaking of fist…

Grievance the last: Westgarth.  A friend mentioned to me last night his belief that part of the Kings’ inability to score goals lately is directly related to their inability to roll four lines.  This makes sense.  A line that kills momentum is a line that kills offense.  A line that cannot be rolled due to its being a defensive liability is a line that siphons the energy of the others that must take extra shifts in their stead.  A line with Westgarth on it is not one that can be rolled regularly throughout a game.


Perhaps I should comment on some of the positives.

Quick played a fantastic game.  The penalty kill brings tears of joy to my eyes.  Watching Kopitar and Greene go almost the full two minutes in the second period without their sticks, hustling and dropping, blocking and pinning, gave me goosebumps.  On the subject of Greene, I have to point out that he has been a monster in the last 10 or so games.  You can not fulfill your role more perfectly than Greene has fulfilled his. Similarly, Wayne Simmonds seems to finally have hopped on board the midnight express.  The “Night Train” is back baby.

The Kings now sit in 5th place in the West, 3rd in the Division.  4 points behind San Jose, 1 back of Phoenix.  A tenuous 3 point lead on Dallas and Anaheim.  With only 9 games to play, the margin for error is only becoming slimmer by the day.  2 goals in the last 3 games won’t cut it.

Finally, I would like to apologize for my recent absence.  Life unfortunately gets in the way of hockey from time to time.  I am sincerely sorry that you all had to suffer through nothing but Scribe’s meandering ‘poetry’ for the past several weeks.

I kid my co-writer of course, but what’s a little joke without a little grounding in reality.

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  1. At game last night Quick’s end when the less then a minute goal occurred. Getting on my frickin nerves as well! We don’t Eben have time to finish high fiving each other..smirking at those too many ulgy red Jerseys around us..eating to
    cheer again when the announcers gives us the goal stats..cannot even enjoy Goal as my mind keeps saying ..don’t let them score right back..over and’s exhausting.
    As for Willie…Awful times 100! I did not see the play up close( will have to watch my tape) but did see the end result..bent over right to return ..He and Stollie are Our team’s s Energy and Spirit. Please good news..not a break.

    • Officially a dislocated shoulder for Williams. Sucky, as we remember how long the same injury kept out Loktionov last year, but if its not really bad, he could be back for the 2nd round of the playoffs.

      Also, Oscaaaaaaaaar Moller got called up! Silver lining… lets hope.

  2. Damn the mobile phone :-)
    Westgarth ..I am a broken record here. He is just an anchor to the team. No skills..nothing. He does cause a shortened rotation. So frustrating. We have some Manchester Players that would be an upgrade.
    At least We got the 2. Quicker was the Man.
    GO KING GO!!!

  3. Oh, dear, this is not the way I wanted to see Moller. No pressure, young Moller, no pressure. Not an easy situation to come into., but we know you can do it. Take it slow and easy.

    Williams, I just want to thank you, young man. Every athlete should play their individual sport the way you play hockey. The effort, the desire, the commitment and the accountability you display is a pleasure to witness, You are a breathe of fresh air and I wish you a quick recovery.

    No time to relax, attack with extra vigor, then attack some more. Do not sit passive, move forward and don’t look back. This is our time, this is our year. Those who hesitate fall by the way-side, those who move ahead with conviction will lead a path to the promise land. I see and feel great things concerning the Nation, our Nation, KingNation.

  4. Who is this Surly character posting articles like he owns the place? LOL

    On a more serious note, I’m totally bummed on Williams going down. I’ve kind of had an in your face moment with Willy haters, and now it seems their prophecies have come true.

    Damn it! Should of kept my big mouth shut.


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