(in my best, which is better than most, Yoda voice)…”Hmm. Stick and pads matter not. Stop the puck you will. Use the force you shall.”

From the Dagobah System, where Greg Wyshynski dwells in swamps…

Jonathan Quick, Jedi Master.

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5 replies

  1. It was a glitch in the Matrix.

  2. He should use the force when he has the puck behind the net more often.

  3. Quick has really been outstanding this season. During that stinker against St Louis I was disappointed tht some of the fans gave him that mock cheer after a soft goal.

  4. They showed that goal again during the telecast of the gae last night. It’s obviouse what happened, but it does look sensational all the same. That happens maybe once every 1,000 games? The fact that it happened at just the time that Quick needed it is almost like devine intervention.


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