I am not certain which was uglier – Joe Thornton’s mug or the officiating.

Let’s compare.

The morons in stripes called a phantom slashing penalty against Jarret Stoll (as a friend explained in a text, you can’t “slash upward”), a second non-existent tripping penalty against Alec Martinez in the third period, missed several muggings behind the goal including a trip against Oscar Moller, called a play in the third offsides (with the Kings controlling the play and the puck) that to everyone with eyes and a brain was not even close to crossing the blue line, put 4 seconds or so back on the clock with about 11 ticks left in the game and San Jose then scored to tie it with about 3 seconds left and, of all the what the f*** moments, allowed a shootout goal by Dan Boyle after he (a) lost the puck, (b) stopped and (c) skated back. Wow…

Ok, so we were going to compare that ugliness with this…

No contest. The mentally challenged zebras finish a distant second to that elongated mess.

How about Oscar Moller boys and girls? 5 shots on goal, a first step that may be the best on the team and playing with confidence. Now, if Dustin Penner can find his game, we can have a first line that is cocked, loaded and scoring goals.

O’Captain, my Captain. Where has that guy been for the past many weeks? I love Brownie but he aggravates me like no other LA Kings’ forward. When he plays a simple north – south game, hits often and gets himself open, he is as good as any power forward in the league. We saw that tonight. When he doesn’t, I grow gray hairs. Dustin Brown’s game is an aggressive and intense game. You can tell when it’s not there and he is going through the motions. Tonight, he wanted the puck and was looking to get it on net quickly. He is not a dangler. He shouldn’t pretend to be one.

I have no love for Patrick Marshmarleau.

I have intense man love for Jonathan Quick but he is getting beat too often glove side on long or bad angled shots. Those kinds of goals in the playoffs can suck the momentum right out of a match. He is going down too soon. Our goaltending coach…wait, who is that again…Bill Ranford, needs to work with Quick on his positioning. When you drop to your pads before the shooter fires, you give him too much space from your shoulder to the cross-bar. When you do it from bad angles, you become susceptible to your glove hanging too low or high to compensate for poor position. It has cost Quick far too many goals this season. It’s aggravating to watch. He suffered from the same problem last season and Ranford worked with him on it. Jonathan then went on a nice run. It’s time for a refresher.

Beating San Jose is fun. Did you have fun? I had fun. Why do so many San Jose Sharks fans of a male gender look like ugly women? They may rival only the Ducks and Red Wings for the ugliest fan base in the league. Put them together in a room and they could make a blind kid cry. GO KINGS!