I was 10 years old when I watched my first Kings’ game. They played the Edmonton Oilers. They lost. But there was something very special about the team or, better written, how I felt about the team.

Tomorrow, after losing 2/3 of our top line, we play the Oilers.

If the Kings are entertainment, then you aren’t reading this article and you have never visited this site.

If it is logic and reason that drives your support, then a lack of either will drive you mad. You look at the injuries to Kopitar and Williams and each tells you the Kings are done. It doesn’t make you any less of a fan. You just have less fun than the rest of us.

If you are governed by your emotions, the highs and lows will kill you. You swing from optimist to pessimist, each term defined loosely and not literally. Ws and Ls control your fate. You are still a fan, one with a lot of pride in your team, even at the risk of your blood pressure.

As for me, I just love the team more than its individual parts. I still get that “feeling” watching our Kings – the one I couldn’t explain 30 years ago anymore than I can now. I am not going to walk into Staples Center or sit behind my television for a single game believing anything other than we will win this game. At Staples, I cheer loud. I cheer up by a goal or down by three. At home, well, I am just as vocal…to my daughter’s amusement and my wife’s infrequent chagrin.

Twitter, Facebook, message boards, friends and fellow fans, you are going to hear a lot written and spoken about the Kings’ fate with the loss of Justin and Anze. They don’t know a damn thing. Neither do I. We are all in it for the journey. Only our boys on the ice and the coaches behind the bench control the team’s destiny. Am I supposed to believe that our goaltending, a fully stocked defense and sixteen healthy forwards who have been an integral part of this team before, during and after each injury are doomed? Come on. I don’t have to “inspire” you to answer that for yourself, do I? Logic and reason, up and down emotion, or just plain unexplainable love, what the hell are you if you can’t scream at the top of your lungs in support of this team and maybe, just maybe, elevate your game just as the team must elevate its own. Do you want to see this team play the role of hero? Do something others proclaim they can’t? I do. Here is an opportunity. Relish it.

I shouldn’t have to write it to remind you. GO KINGS!