I was 10 years old when I watched my first Kings’ game. They played the Edmonton Oilers. They lost. But there was something very special about the team or, better written, how I felt about the team.

Tomorrow, after losing 2/3 of our top line, we play the Oilers.

If the Kings are entertainment, then you aren’t reading this article and you have never visited this site.

If it is logic and reason that drives your support, then a lack of either will drive you mad. You look at the injuries to Kopitar and Williams and each tells you the Kings are done. It doesn’t make you any less of a fan. You just have less fun than the rest of us.

If you are governed by your emotions, the highs and lows will kill you. You swing from optimist to pessimist, each term defined loosely and not literally. Ws and Ls control your fate. You are still a fan, one with a lot of pride in your team, even at the risk of your blood pressure.

As for me, I just love the team more than its individual parts. I still get that “feeling” watching our Kings – the one I couldn’t explain 30 years ago anymore than I can now. I am not going to walk into Staples Center or sit behind my television for a single game believing anything other than we will win this game. At Staples, I cheer loud. I cheer up by a goal or down by three. At home, well, I am just as vocal…to my daughter’s amusement and my wife’s infrequent chagrin.

Twitter, Facebook, message boards, friends and fellow fans, you are going to hear a lot written and spoken about the Kings’ fate with the loss of Justin and Anze. They don’t know a damn thing. Neither do I. We are all in it for the journey. Only our boys on the ice and the coaches behind the bench control the team’s destiny. Am I supposed to believe that our goaltending, a fully stocked defense and sixteen healthy forwards who have been an integral part of this team before, during and after each injury are doomed? Come on. I don’t have to “inspire” you to answer that for yourself, do I? Logic and reason, up and down emotion, or just plain unexplainable love, what the hell are you if you can’t scream at the top of your lungs in support of this team and maybe, just maybe, elevate your game just as the team must elevate its own. Do you want to see this team play the role of hero? Do something others proclaim they can’t? I do. Here is an opportunity. Relish it.

I shouldn’t have to write it to remind you. GO KINGS!

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  1. great piece, im couldn’t agree more. I spoke to kopi briefly today…he seemed in pain but in good spirits ( as much as possible) Go Kings Go

  2. Inspiring article man. Great job.

  3. Whenever you retire from lawyerin’, you need to get into the inspirational speaking circuit. It makes a lot of money, and I swear you would bring in the big bucks. Great post Robert!!

  4. Ever since I was a little kid my mom used to drop us kids off at the local ice rink, and roller rinks to skate. Not because she believed in hockey, but because it was better than a baby sitter. By the time I was 11 I ended up in and out of foster homes, and boys homes all over LA due to problems beyond my control. A counsler started taking about 25 of us to the rink to skate, and talking to us about hockey, trying to organize, and sponser us in local leagues all over.

    By the time I was 13 me and some of the boys were sold, and playing everyday. He was able to secure tickets to Kings games and would take some of us regularly to homegames. When we couldn’t get tickets we would take the bus out to the forum and ride skateboards out in the parking lot, and hope to convince some fan leaving early, or scalper who couldn’t sell all his tickets, to give us free ticket. It actually worked more than not, and some scalpers would actually look for us to give up extra tickets regularly. Although we would miss large parts of the game sometimes, we didn’t care.

    Those were fun times for me, and a big part of my youth. The excitement I felt seeing the Kings skate around on the ice during my childhood is something that has stayed with me to this day. It’s probably more exciting for me now, because back then I didn’t have to try, it was just something we did as kids growing up. Today it doesn’t matter if they suck or are doing poorly. I still love this team, and no matter what happens in life, one things for certain, i’ll love this team till the day I die.

  5. From the first moment I sat my ass down at my first Kings game (first live NHL game ever) in April of 2002 I was totally in love. It’s not something I can explain…it just happened..

    Almost ten years later…I sit in THE SAME SECTION of that first game and have never looked back…..

    Best and most exciting ten years of my life…Here’s to many more decades…CHEERS!

    You said all that can be said! Go Kings Go!

  6. This team is going to surprise people, I just feel it. There’s no explanation for it, I just feel that they are going to look adversity in the face, and overachieve because of it. You could see it happening in the 3rd period of the Avs game, when Ryan Smyth, who had been in such a slump, put in a goal and an assist, helping his teammate Trevor Lewis to do the same. Is it a coincidence that these two are among the names people are talking about having to step up? I don’t think so! They are taking the rhetoric of “stepping it up a notch” and making it real, and hopefully it inspires their teammates to emulate their example. This team will be one of the stories of the playoffs, not because they lost their two best players going into the post season, but because they overcame that loss to achieve greatness!


  7. from my childhood watching the Rangers play on a tiny black and white tv.. family of
    middle class poor with parents being from NY the game enchanted me. When we got our hockey team.. the original San Diego Gulls.. we were there..opening night.. Seats were $6.oo
    (imagine that) and we budgeted to go to every game.. upper level seats 6A and 6B .. I would walk around the arena during intermission .. clockwise for the first and counter clockwise for the second.. looking for my friends.. I thought I was the luckiest girl ever being able to watch hockey. Moving to LA after collage it was an Easy transfer.. my love of the game to our beloved Kings.. whom I had followed thru the newspaper as satellite telivision was non existant. Thankfully by the time I had moved up here I was able to watch on TV as the prices for HNL games were way out of my reach. I love hockey win or lose it is my passion, it keeps me sane in this often insane world. When we win I am on top of the world.. loose and I pout.. but not for too long becasue I always have hope, and I love my Kings no matter what. Right now I am dealing with a death in the family. I am so grateful that we are in hockey season and the world moves on no matter what..and I have my team to distract me and give me comfort, etc. Only true fans can understand this. We will endure no matter what.. it is a TEAM game and we have the best!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • I went to the last game of the San Diego Gulls before they disbanded. I still wear my blue and orange beanie around town and every once in a while someone recognizes it. :)

  8. Born and raised in Montreal,Quebec my first hockey game was against the L A KINGS at the Montreal forum back in the early seventies.FYI Bob Berry was born in Montreal.That day my heart went out to the kings and has been ever since ,my dream is to see staples ctr and take in a kings game.I promise you everyone in staples would take notice if I ever get there. The two biggest signings in franchise history would be Wayne Gretzky and Dean Lombardi.Still today i cannot choose which signing made me happier,but I will say this I would consider myself very fortunate to be surrounded with the best hockey mind in professional hockey in Dean Lombardi kings fans.Without him these past few years of success would not have been possible.Folks I am telling you from the bottom of my heart it will happen, the Stanley Cup will be paraded in Los Angeles soon and I promise it will not be only once as long as Mr Dean Lombardi is around. Remember there is a first time for everything and that will be my first trip to L A I DO BELIE

    • Hope you make it some day, and both signings were good for different reasons. If I had to weigh it out, I’d say Gretz. He had the excitement, while Dean is behind closed doors. Not everyone see’s how good a job he’s doing, or even understands the difference he makes. Gretzky was obvious.

  9. First full season I bled Forum Blue & Gold was 78-79 season.Remember how Z.Pallfy used to appear out of thin air?that was Butch Goring.Dionne was quicker/faster laterally than most guys going North & South…heavy shot.Randy Manery played the kind of gm I hope Doughty can grow into.Can go on all day w/the comparisons.I listened to Nick & Daryl last nt cuz I don’t have Prime…I have never heard 16,839 people be so quiet.I know they’re havin a bad yr.but 32 yrs ago tmr DET was trying to prevent LA from clinching a spot.Had to be the last great gm @The Olympia…had to turn the volume down,King’s scored 3 goals in the last 3 min. to win.Loved the Forum too of course:b4 gm 6 in 76 & 77… 8-10 min. standing O’s.Little b4 my time but heard about it.Was at the Miracle on Manchester gm…Bob Miller said to us a long time ago…”Never leave a hockey game…”


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