The team on the other end of the ice didn’t matter. Oilers or Red Wings, east coast or west. The LA Kings‘ opponent wore our colors, numbers and crest. They were us, or more specifically, the space between our ears. The first game of the new season commenced tonight in Edmonton. Coincidental if for no other reason that the Oilers presented the perfect opportunity to do everything wrong, let up and shatter our confidence going forward…as if…there was never any doubt isn’t a cliché. Tonight, it was an expression of self evident fact.

Am I proud of the win? Hell yes. I don’t care who we beat. We entered the game with a plate full of available excuses and didn’t partake of one.

Am I excited? Never anything but. Tonight was the start of something special.

Is the goal the playoffs? No. That was the goal last season. The goal is winning in the playoffs. Nothing changes that. Not so long as our goaltending is impenetrable, our defense immovable and our forwards unstoppable.

Will anything shake my confidence? No. I, like you, have that confidence born of what my eyes see – a tight locker room, a team that plays with synergy and one that on any given night can beat any team in this league, be it one game or a seven game series. GO KINGS!

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  1. New season is the correct term,thus the new LA kings as of the 3rd period saturday against the Avs and last nigt against the Oilers are a better team than last years playoff team.I m getting a good vibe if this team can clinch 4th seed or win their division watch out!

  2. Well done Kings!


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