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  1. Anyone but the Canucks and we’ll have a really good shot at winning the series.

    • Anyone but the Canucks or Blackhawks. I know the Blackhawks are lower in the standings, but they seem to have our number.

  2. I voted Nashville, but I think it will be Pheonix with us having home ice advantage. I wouldn’t mind playing Nashville in the #5 seed with us in the #4 seed. We haven’t had to much success against them, but I think we could take them in a 7 game series. Very similar in numbers offensively, and defensively.

    Anahiem in the 3rd round. There is also a big chance we could match up with them in the first round, which I would also welcome. Too bad we won’t be facing any of these teams at full strength, but it would make the victory all the sweeter. Imortality comes from victory over impossible odds, and this will be a big opportunity to achieve greatness.

  3. I for one would welcome a rematch of last years Canucks/Kings series. Hopefully we’ll meet up at some time in the post season. Keep your website rolling – it’s a good one.

  4. I voted Detroit because we have had success against them.

  5. I am itching for a Kings vs. Ducks playoff series. Maybe not so much the 1st round, because of the two back to back games at the end of the season, but for a second round or third round match up, yes please! I want that rivalry to become way more intense than it has ever been


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