I am happy for Mike Ribeiro. The NHL season is a long one. It was clearly getting to him, as evidenced by the unnecessary cheap shot elbow he threw on Michal Handzus at the end of the Kings v. Stars game Saturday, a match the Kings won 3-1 and all but ended Dallas’ hope for any post season futility. My compliments to the on ice officials, Mike Leggo and Dave Jackson who we have not forgotten and who once again magnified their rigid incompetence. Guys like Mike Ribeiro have earned the time off and now he will have more minutes to get to living life, smelling roses and acts of belligerent public intoxication. Good for you, Mike. Enjoy the offseason…win or lose against the suddenly Visnovsky-less Ducks, a fork has been embedded therein and you, that fraud of a coach, Marc Crawford, his lack of “puck luck”, and your team is cooked.

To the Kings! Four key games remain against the San Jose Sharks, Phoenix Coyotes and Anaheim Ducks squared. Home ice advantage is within our grasp. The last time we had that in a playoff series, I believe 99 wore the colors. A new time, a new generation of Kings’ fans, we are watching a rebuilt franchise with the character and integrity to shelf excuse and refuse to lose. Now, do your job! Support the team with your fanaticism. Will them to victory through your chants, screams, the thundering GO following a GO KINGS during games and violent disdain for opposing teams and their degenerated fan base. GO KINGS!

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  1. Much as I know that this will be an unpopular viewpoint on these pages, I’m hoping that the Ducks end the Stars season today, and in the process, put the Kings into the playoffs for the second consecutive year. Then I hope that the Ducks put themselves into a position where they meet the Kings in those playoffs, so we can end their season!

    • Not unpopular. I’m right there with you. I’ve wanted that ever since the start of the season, and it looks like we might just have that opportunity. The Ducks are a scary prospect because we could just as easily lose to them in the first round, and would have to endure some humilliation for it considering our rebuilding stage and stockpile of talented players in the pipeline, but I say “No guts, No glory”. If we ever want to dominate, we should start with California, and place the rest of the league on notice. The Kings are for real.

  2. I was suprised that a penalty was not called on Ribero. Actually if you think about it, this was a very stupid play on his part with his team trying to tie the game (and fighting to stay alive in the playoffs). If they got a penalty he could have been scapegoated for putting the season in the shitter.

    Anyhow, the Stars are done so go enjoy some golf…

    • Anyone know if the dirty hit by that bastard Mike Ribero is a reviewable offense for supplemental discipline? Seems like a very similar hit to the one Matt Cooke made to recieve that 10 games + first round supension (although Cooke is a repeat offender).

  3. You are a poet, my friend. All hail the play-offs, Kings!


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