A week before season’s end is no time to learn new tricks. The cliché if you haven’t figured it out by now, you’re f***** applies in many circumstances and the end of the regular season & one win away from clinching the playoff spot is one of them. The LA Kings, coming off a humbling butt kicking in San Jose last night 6-1, have to answer a simple question. Do they trust the system? If the answer is no, there is no sense in playing another game. From goaltender through the defense and forwards might as well commit a symbolic seppuku and resurrect next season. If the answer is in the affirmative, then only a lack of work ethic can equate failure.

Dustin Brown isn’t going to suddenly become an incredible stick handler that can pick the corners.

Michael Handzus isn’t going to become 5 years younger. Neither will Ryan Smyth.

Drew Doughty isn’t going to only bring great and leave the occasional mind-boggling poor play at the door.

Jack Johnson isn’t going to suddenly turn into an offensive juggernaut.

Trevor Lewis isn’t going to overnight develop an amazing set of hands.

Kevin Westgarth isn’t going to become anything other than a pugilist and potential liability.

Jonathan Quick and Jonathan Bernier will not only let in the unstoppable shots.

Our team comes with strengths and weaknesses. Each member of this team brings a palpable and intangible value on and off the ice. They are assembled to play a tight checking, physical game that focuses on suffocating opponents in the defensive zone, creating offense through the opposing team’s turnovers and taxing opposing defenses with constant shots on goal and traffic in front of the net. Solid goaltending makes us very difficult to beat when we are hitting on all other 19 cylinders. Each and every single aspect of our system is based on the premise that the players will give 100% effort 100% of the time. While the system comes with faults, some glaring, it is what we have and all we have to rely on because the synergy and the whole becoming more important than its parts (hence minimizing the impact from the loss of top players) is the only controllable factor in a W verses L.

Last night, the boys were outworked in every aspect of the game.

Tomorrow night, the LA Kings better not be because another loss is tempting fate and fate, like a woman, should never be tempted or teased. GO KINGS!

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  1. One wonders where their head is at…

  2. I was just saying the same thing today to one of my buddies. What we have is what we have folks. All that’s left is to see how far it takes us.

  3. I have the same question after each game. Dose our offensive system stymie the players or do we have bad luck with goal scorers.

    Poni? Penner? Simmonds? Smyth? Doughty? Johnson? These guys cam score, why are they not?

    You see what happens when you rely solely on defense. There’s no room for error, you have to play a perfect game or you’re in trouble. There’s too much scoring in the West and I don’t think it’s fair to ask the D to carry the load game after game.

    So, my question is, do we need to focus on improving our offensive skill this summer or do the guys just need to step it up? I can’t tell from game to game if it’s our system or the players?

    • Can’t be concerned about the summer, only the moment. Now. When paid to fight, you fight to win, not run to fight tomorrow.

      • Don’t misinterpret my thoughts, raising the white flag has not entered my mind, not once. You’re talking to the guy who doesn’t believe in excuses. The guy who still believes we should, at least, make the second round. The guy who has already bought his play-off tickets. The guy who watched every second of that drubbing in SJ. I believe in this team, without question.

        I was just asking for opinions why our guys have such a hard time scoring. They are more than capable of burying the puck, yet many guys are in droughts and I can’t figure out why? I think I’m just looking for ideas to comfort me. :)

    • I am not ready to write off the season, but my expectations are not high going into the playoffs (assuming the Kings get in, and it looks like they will). Kopitar and Williams going down obviously has a lot to do with this sentiment.

      Not enough scoring is what keeps this team from elite status and a deep Cup run. Basically to win, the Kings generally have to give up =3 goals come from represents the problem.

      In terms of scoring, I have gone back and forth in my own mind terms of Murray’s system versus inadequate personnel. My feeling at this point is that the Kings need 2 more scoring forwards. Where you get those, I don’t know.

      I had high hopes for Oscar Moller, but Murray plays a lot of dump and chase; that does not work well for Oscar, mostly because of his size. I suspect he will end up being a good scorer on another team.

      I hate pessimism, but I am kind of overcome by it right now. Maybe if the Kings win some I will change my tune…

      • Second sentence of paragraph 2, this did not come out how I typed it. I meant for the Kings to win, they have to give up 2 goals or less and score 3 or more. Not sure where those 3 goals will come from.


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